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Sunday, August 14, 2016

You Are Worthy

 Worthy: having sufficient worth or value

Why is it do you suppose that we are always comparing ourselves to others and what they do or have……where they have been …….. what they know?

Isn’t it time to just be who we are and let go of the idea that we have to measure up to some kind of standard or idea of how we are suppose to act?

Each one of us is an important part of mankind and the world……we each have something to contribute and thank heavens for that or we would all be doing the same thing…. thinking the same thoughts and living the same way……. that is really hard to even imagine isn't it?

“The shoe that fits one person pinches the other; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” – Carl Jung

This makes you so important because you are one of a kind. There is no one else like you on the planet. You have your own thoughts……your own smile……your own sense of humor……. your own likes and dislikes.

Priceless is what we would call a one of a kind in the world…. we would value it at millions and millions of dollars and yet we do not value ourselves the way we need to.

We certainly should……… we are irreplaceable………. no other can take the place we each have on the planet since there is no one else with our unique way of being.

  • Don’t let words someone has said to you from the time you were a child to yesterday affect the way you think about yourself because it is not about them it is about you and how you perceive yourself.
  • Don't let others make you feel less than you are.
  • Don’t try to fit into a pattern made for someone else.
  • Let go of structures of thought that were given for you to follow that do not fit you.
  • Forgive yourself for all that is in the past……. things you may be carrying around that are negatively holding you back some way. 

Remember this; you have always been doing the best you know how to do with the knowledge you had at the time in any situation in your life.

Don’t settle for things in life just because it is the easiest thing to do……. you are worthy of the best life can offer you……you really are.

Be relaxed about calm about who you are......look for all the accomplishments you have had on your own. 

Don't look to others about how to be..... just be yourself ........there is no greater gift to the world than that.

See yourself as a special being……live life the way that makes you happy……. love who you are......when you do you are strengthening yourself for your greater good.

You are worthy of all that you want for deserve the best life can offer that you know what it is you want and make your focus about all the good things you think about for is your choice to be who you are and embrace that in a way which makes your focus only on your well-being.

If each one of us just concentrated on our own well-being.......if we just used our focus to be as happy as we can be......what a world this would be.

Many Blessing to All


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