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Thursday, September 15, 2016


One of the most important aspects of using our thinking for our greater good is affirming the most positive things in our lives so that we can and do make a habit of being in a frame of mind that feels good to us.

If by beginning the day by affirming things about how we want things to go so that we set up our positive path from the start we then begin feeling good.

Here are some examples of where I am going with this:

  • Today is going to be a good day.
  • I love how thinking positive thoughts make me feel.
  • I will look for all the beauty around me this morning.
  • I am going to smile often today.

Then during the day make the effort to notice what is going right for you and appreciate it. Start to focus on what does go right during the day.

  • Things seem to be easier and easier today.
  • I feel great and love my energy today.
  • Things are always coming together all of the time.

Then in the evening before you go to sleep affirm that you did in fact have a good day and things did work out for you by appreciating and thinking about all the things that were joyful and funny and loving and kind that happened during your day.

  • I got all of the work I wanted to get done today finished.
  • I enjoyed my conversations today.
  • I love to laugh and see the humor in life.
  • I feel so good about who I am and how my life is going.

You all have your own words and feelings so use them as they fit you and your life but keep affirming that things are going right and that life is a joyful journey and that you appreciate all things good about yourself ......your life......and everything around you.

Many Blessing to All

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