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Thursday, November 24, 2016


It is easy to be in a state of mind where you find the negatives of life. We tend as humans to do this quite often. It is a very easy habit to get into so that you are constantly looking at what is wrong with life.....with others.....with the world.

In working with clients over the years I have found that they will have a long list of what makes them feel unhappy and upset yet when I start asking them what makes them feel good.....what brings joy to themselves and their lives they have to think for a moment to remember. Once they do however they find that there are so many things to appreciate they begin to see how much difference it makes when they choose positive thinking over negativity. 

What if you chose to make a habit of appreciating what is positive in your life. What if you choose to start every day with a positive thought about really appreciate the things and people in your life that make a difference in a positive way.

Here are some ways you might do this:

  • I am focusing on every part of my body that feels good.
  • I love who I am.
  • I appreciate all the comforts I enjoy in my home.
  • I appreciate all of the people in my life who bring me joy.
  • I see the beauty of nature all around me.
  • I know there is more good in the world that not.
  • I actually feel good when I appreciate life.

These are a few things you can use but I know that you have many more of your own that will pop into your mind as you start using your thoughts in a more positive way.

When we appreciate all of the good things about ourselves......our life......our surroundings.....then we get a jump start on living to the fullest this journey we are on.

Appreciating is really noticing the around you that uplift you......that make you really feel the best you can feel.......paying attention to the beauty of everything  you see in all things makes a huge will show you that you can feel good all of the time when you make the effort to focus on only what makes you feel the best you can feel.

Let go of all the negative thoughts and words you use and replace them with all the things that make you feel joy.....peace......and love. Do this for your greater good and you will see a difference beyond description.

Many Blessing to All

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