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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thoughts + Feelings = Results

Hi everyone!

What if we took a moment and analyzed the title of the blog this month? It is really important to realize the power in that equation.

Every thought produces a feeling....... it can't be helped because this is how we are made but it is also a barometer if you will of how thoughts and feelings are affecting your well-being.

What if we became more aware of our thought patterns and paid more attention to where our thoughts are leading us both emotionally and physically? How we react to thoughts + feelings has a definite impact on our daily life.

 Pay attention if you will about how you are thinking and feeling about your life experiences at this time.

Here are a few examples for you:

  • Job
  • Family
  • World events
  • Health

With each subject write down how you feel about each one........ be specific if you need to about family members......people at your job or the job itself......the world.....your health.......add any other subject you feel is important to you. Make the list as long or short as you want.

Once you have finished it take a look and see if you need to tweak some thoughts for your greater good.

In other words how much is negative and how much is positive about all these areas of your life?

If you have more positive thoughts than anything else you are taking good care of yourself and using your thoughts to your best advantage.

If you are half and half try to use the more positive side you have listed and look for more of those in your day to day living.

If you have all negatives need to take a look again and see where you can uplift some of those thoughts about what is going on in your daily life. It isn't really hard to do that just take the list and instead of writing what is wrong write what is right about people.....places ......and things that your focus has been negative about.

The question would be how much positive or negative energy goes into the daily life you lead?

When we are working with others in a job it can be very easy to find fault. It is a situation where there are many hours spent together and tensions can run high.

First of all be glad of a job altogether......this appreciation of work goes a long way believe me......then instead of looking at all of the negative aspects find the most positive ones you can about your job and use those to focus on when you need to focus on the good there.

What if you found one good thing about everyone in your work place and then used that thought when you need it to replace a negative experience? It can be as simple as the person's smile or eye color. There has to be at least one thing you can focus about instead of unhappy thoughts.

Here is an affirmation you could use if you need it:

  • I will find the most positive thing I can think of about people I work with when I need to refocus my thoughts.

We all have family issues at one time or another it seems and it is not our job to fix everyone or every family situation......please remember when dealing with family members you could draw on fond memories or at least one instance where there was harmony......when you need it use that memory to overcome negativity.

I would also ask what could you let go of that has affected you negatively and allow you to be at peace with yourself?

Here is an affirmation you could use if you need it:

  • I see at least one good thing in each family member I have and when I do this those positives become the focus for me.

Most of you who know me know I will tell you to turn off the news.....quit reading any news and make your own personal space the very happiest it can be. I would ask you why you are allowing someone else's opinion into your well-being. Let go of having to hear all of the stories told so that you feel the best you can feel......there are so many other things to do than news watching.

Here is an affirmation for you to use if you need it:

  • There is more good things going on in the world than bad and there are more people in the world doing good things than are doing bad.

I would encourage you to speak of your health in only the most positive of terms. Your body is listening and remember words are thoughts spoken out loud. Pay attention to everything about your body that is working right .......everything that feels good. When you do this you are not making illness or aches and pains the focus you are actually thinking and feeling about what is right with your health.

Here is an affirmation you could use if you need it:

  • My body works so well for me I feel it all of the time and when I pay attention to feeling good my body responds perfectly.

Remember we want the most positive results for our lives and our thinking and feeling in every part of it is the source of how it is the result of what we are focusing on.

Use your thoughts and feelings to bring about the change for the better life you are seeking. Use the power of mind and heart together to be as uplifted and positive as you can be about all things in your life.

Many Blessings to All

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