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Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Year – A New Adventure

A whole new year ahead ………how exciting!

If you are ready to rock and roll into the New Year good for you…….a great attitude helps to start out the year by embracing all the positive aspects you can.

If you are not feeling excited or hopeful I would encourage you to sit down ………. relax……..breathe deeply in and out for a few moments and clear your mind.....this feeling of well-being is your gift to yourself....... when you are relaxed and calm you are allowing yourself to enjoy your journey and all it has to offer.

Life is truly an adventure and when we look at it that way it should bring feelings of excitement and hope for a new year ahead.......this is your very own adventure you get to set a pattern of thought in 2017 that will shape your path.

When beginning a New Year it is really important not to set goals that are so big they seem like a mountain to climb before you even start. If you start with goals of feeling happy……..of appreciating yourself and others…….of just enjoying day to day life…….then you are on a path to accomplish so many other things you wish to do.

The biggest resolution you want to make is to use your thoughts in the best possible way. Making a habit of thinking only the most positive way you can about life and what surrounds you. When you adapt a way of thinking that helps you to feel upbeat and optimistic you are halfway to any goal you may have set for yourself.

By looking at life with a positive attitude you start to find that there is so much to be grateful for and so much to appreciate you then find negativity fade away to a clear picture of the life you are living and how positive it really is.

Another resolution to start the year with would be to love who you are. You have so many wonderful qualities……. a personality that no one else has……. a thought process that is powerful ……. know that you are unique and by just being you there is a bright light that shines like no one else’s.

If you are addressing a weight issue then I would encourage you to stop focusing on being overweight and focus on what it would feel like to weigh less.

The more you focus on what you don’t want to look like the less you focus on what you do want to achieve.

If you have a picture of yourself at a weight that would be comfortable for you put it up where you can see it so that you can focus on how your clothes fit…… healthy you felt…….how comfortable it was to be that weight.

You can use your powerful thoughts to remember being that weight and how healthy it felt. Keep your thoughts on how you want to feel when you let go of the extra weight.

Here are some affirmations:
  • I know my clothes will fit the way I want them to.
  • I will be able to get around easier.
  • I will be more comfortable in many ways when I am at my desired weight.

If you want to stop smoking don’t think about the negatives of smoking and focus on why you want to quit. 

Do you want to be healthy for your family……….do you want to save money by quitting………do you want to feel better………these are the things to be focusing on.

 If you have a picture of your family…….children……grandchildren……..put it out where you can see it for the focus you need and the reason you feel strongly about it.

Use your powerful thoughts to remember when you didn’t smoke and how much better you felt and the things you could do then that you possibly can’t do now.

Family is a great motivator as you certainly want to see your children and grandchildren grow and thrive with you there.

Here are some affirmations:
  • I love my family and want to be here to enjoy all of them.
  • I want to see my grandchildren thrive and grow.
  • I want to add years to my life in a healthy and positive way.

If you want a change in this New Year don’t focus on what you find wrong about your life or circumstances………clear your mind and open your heart for solutions that will help you attain the change you are looking for…….expect it in the most unexpected places sometimes and don’t try to control it but let the focus be on only thoughts that help you to feel good about any change you might want to make.

When you have a clear mind and do not think in a negative way you will find that life just turns itself around for your benefit.

Here are some affirmations:
  • I will breathe deeply every morning and clear my mind for my own well-being.
  • I will allow my life to flow easily by not trying to control every situation.
  • I welcome change into my life for my greater good.

The New Year is yours for the thinking if you will……..use your thoughts wisely ……..turn them around from negative to positive in a second when you realize they are not where you want them to go. 

You are in charge of everything that pops into your head so just life flipping a pancake turn the not so happy thoughts over and bring the happy thoughts up………it is to your benefit and well-being that you choose to use only the best thoughts you can have.

Happy 2017 everyone……..many blessings to all!

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