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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Your Personal Space

Here are some thoughts: 
What if everyone just paid attention to their own personal space  concentrating on feeling as happy as we possibly would our lives change for the better? 
What if we did not let the outside world dictate to us how we should think and feel?

You realize of course that your own personal space is your thoughts. They are always the deciding factor in how you feel and what you talk about in a days time. 

You start everyday with a thought...... if you peruse what you are thinking about when you wake up you might realize that your personal space is a little overcrowded with what is going on.......who is doing what.......and how am I going to get everything done.

Your personal space.......your thoughts then dictate how you start to feel.......are you tired before you start the day...... is it because you have let your thoughts keep you up during the night........are you already agitated about something that hasn't even happened yet........are you dreading something.......this does not bode well for your personal space at all does it.

If each of us took responsibility for the direction of our thoughts and we chose to use them in the best way possible we could make a difference in our lives that would be amazing. 

First and foremost don't go backward in your thoughts.........let go of what happened before this moment and let yourself relax into a place that sparks your energy to help you feel good.

If we realized that our body responds to what we think about and you know this is true because when you worry or are fearful your body does not feel as good as it does when you are happy and carefree then we begin to see how important our personal space of thought is.

I know all the arguments there are about how life is and what is going on that makes it hard for you to keep your thoughts in the place you would like them to be but let me ask you why do you want to be in tune with things that are not bringing you happiness when you can choose to make the effort to use thoughts for your greater good.

If we embrace thoughts of well-being.......of hope.....of joy......of things that enrich our lives everyday whether it is family........a job......friends......places........a hobby.......these are the things that we need to use our focus on.......these are the things that help us to feel love and hope and happiness.

How important is your personal space and how is it defining you? How are your thoughts making you feel?

Do you find that you are not the person you would like to be because you are in tune with things that do not help you to feel good......that drag you down to a point of despair?

Here are some ideas to help you start and end your day with thoughts that you can line up all day long to match a good feeling way to be.

The first thing when you wake up expect the day to be a great one.......say it out loud....."Today is going to be a great day!"

  • Stretch and take deep breaths in and out and feel yourself relax right away.
  • As you relax clear your mind and you will feel the power of just being you.
  • Expect things to be easy all day long......feel the power of thought helping everything to come together all day long.
  • Do not watch the news.
  • Turn on some music that inspires you that lifts you up and has you hearing beauty and helps to keep your mind on yourself.

Before you go to sleep at night think of everything that went right for you during the day.

  • Remember how easy things were because you expected them to be.
  • Think about how good you felt when you were using your thoughts in an uplifting way.
  • Remember the power you had when you focused on positive things in your life.
  • Take deep breaths in and out and feel yourself relax and expect a good nights sleep.

Here are some affirmations about your personal space:

  • I am in control of my space and what thoughts I use in it.
  • I expect life to go smoothly and it does for me.
  • I clear my mind all of the time so solutions come to me continually.
  • I use my personal space for my greater good and it works beautifully.
  • My conversations are positive because that is how I feel.
  • I feel my energy charged when I clear my mind and just let go of everything.

Clear your space........use it happy and know it comes from the inside out.

Many Blessings to All


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