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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Solutions a Train of Thought

Last month's blog was about personal space and working on making our own the best it can be. I hope that you are all practicing making your space exactly what you want it to be.

Here is one way to use your train of thought to help make your personal space even better. When you are trying to overcome difficulties by using a positive train of thought there is one important step that will make so much difference for you and that is this:

Stop focusing on the problem......stop trying to manipulate your mind for a solution.

Solution: an action or process of solving a problem.

It is very normal to concentrate on what may be wrong or to project outcomes in a negative way but remember you are trying to make a habit of thinking what is right in your life ........when you are in a positive frame of mind then the expectation should be everything is working out for you........when you do this solutions should be what you truly do expect.

When we are busy worrying or being afraid then we are not looking in the right direction  ...... we seem to expect the worst.......this is not what you want to do with your want to use them for your greater expect for things to work out......expect good things to happen.......let go of all thoughts that do not contain a positive outcome for any issue you may be having.

If you just let yourself relax and not be weighed down by negativity you will find that you can think in a clear and precise manner about what kind of outcome you want for any kind of issue in your life.......then you relax even more because you see everything in the most positive way yourself enough to expect the very best......your are worthy of all that you want for yourself.......let the solutions just flow into your life by allowing all that you need to happen really happen.

When you are in a dark thinking place it brings obstacles to your are putting problems in the forefront and so they become larger than life to you......but if you lighten your thoughts so that you become more positive about whatever needs to be taken care of then answers will flow because you let yourself think of solutions instead of more questions.

Your powerful thoughts are what creates your life.......when you understand that they can be as bright or as dark as you choose to use them it is easy to understand that the very best thoughts are your way of having solutions happen.

There could be several different solutions to an issue so when they start showing up because that is what you are expecting choose the one that feels the best to you.......remember the sooner you use the most positive thoughts about your life......the more you keep using these positive thoughts about outcomes ........then you find solutions appear for you.

Many Blessings to All

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