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Monday, May 1, 2017

What are you embracing?

Embrace: to take up especially readily or gladly

In our times it is really important what we are whole heartily putting into our lives. It is paramount that we are very selective about what we let into our personal space that affects our ability to feel the best we can.

When we allow outside influences into our everyday living we must be sure that they are serving our greater good.

There is so much going on in the world and everywhere around us right now it is best to choose the things that uplift us and help us to find a peace and a calm in our thoughts.

We can do this by eliminating so much of the information that we are receiving about the state of affairs everywhere.

  • What if you chose to not be in tune with day to day accounts of world news?
  • What if you chose to read only uplifting articles on the Internet?
  • What if you made music one of the staples in your daily life?
  • What if you tuned into things that make you laugh daily?

We can embrace so many things and they are all by choice........we can say to ourselves how do I want to feel........what would I like my outlook to be.......where can I look for things that uplift and challenge me to an open mind and a light heart.

There are so many options today in our digital world........find things that help your spirit soar and let those that do not see life as beautiful......that do not have hope for the future......that display who they are with your choice of not embracing their energy......of not expanding anything that does not feel good.

Let us embrace hope......let us have faith in our ability to bring our own joy to the fullest it can be......let us realize that our own personal space is what we choose to make it. Let your space be a place that is full of positive energy so that the negativity others have does not affect you.

Just think for a moment......if each person on the planet was in charge of their own space and made it as joyful and happy as possible what kind of world would we have.......what if the majority of the planet did this........there would be a major shift for the better.......just be responsible for yours so there is a movement to change any negative energy to positive.

Here are some affirmations for you:

"I choose to bring into my space things that help me to feel good about life."
"There is good in the world and in people and I choose to look for it."
"Life is beautiful and mine is wonderful each and every day."
"I choose to focus on all things positive about life."

Embrace the beauty and the love of life that surrounds you.......embrace all that you are and allow yourself to choose a pattern in your life that tunes out anyone or anything that disrupts your peace and tranquility.

Many Blessings to All

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