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Friday, June 9, 2017

Clearing Your Mind

Do you start your day with a head full of thoughts that have you scrambling around .......worrying about what is going to happen in the day.......what you may have to deal with in your personal and professional life.......making it so you are already stressed or upset?

I would ask you how you could expect the day to be calm and easy.....for things to flow...... if you are already on tilt.....if you have projected problems and scenarios that haven't happened yet but have you uptight and imaging all sorts of things that could go wrong?

Just think of yourself projecting a movie on a screen with your thoughts......what kind of day are you it one you want to experience........what would the movie look like if you were to show it just as you are seeing and feeling it in your mind right then?

Remember this is your personal space......the place where you want calm and peace and joy......the place that you actually make it the way it is by the how you think and feel....if you begin your day waking and already projecting the worst case scenario (which is a habit by the way) defeat what you truly want for yourself in your life.

So here is how you can bring ease into the yourself .......and start your day with the best feeling.

When you wake up clear your mind.......completely clear it of everything.......whether you are lying in bed or sitting in a chair.......take a deep breath and let it out.......take another one and hold it and when you let it out slowly feel yourself relax can also feel the way your body and mind respond.

Just pay attention to your and out and nothing else.

Take several breaths and you will feel yourself completely relaxing.......your mind completely clear.......and you will recognize the feeling of total focus on is so liberating to just be.

When you are relaxed and are breathing in a rhythm of in and out imagine words in your thoughts:


Add your own that feel good to you.......if you have one word that makes you feel the best just use it over and over breathing in and out and using the word.

It is all of  these positive things you want in your day.......expect them.......remember you are in control of thoughts and feelings so use only the ones that help you to feel great.

You can also use this exercise during the day when you may be feeling overwhelmed......just stop pay attention to your breathing and clear you mind........then use your words to uplift and help you to feel your well-being restored.

This is your journey have the ability to clear your mind and go forward anytime you want to feel calm and it and you will find that things just ease up and your frame of mind will be amazing.

There is harmony in life with who you are and how you want to feel........use your powerful ability to clear your mind and be in a place where you know all is well because you can feel it.

Many Blessing to All

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