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Sunday, September 3, 2017

  • What is Your Big Picture?

 Have you ever considered that you are the one who has the control over your own big picture? 

Have you ever thought about excluding everyone but yourself from that picture so you can begin to create it the way you would like it to be without any outside interference?

The fact that this is your journey and you are making your way the very best you know how…….why not begin a strategy that brings you what you have in mind for your life.

If you were to close your eyes and bring an image of what would make your life happy what would it be? 

Always remember it is you who must be happy…….no one else can do this for you……happiness starts within ones person ......or thing can do this for you .....your bright and beautiful spirit must be happy first.

There are many scenarios that you may have that you feel bring happiness:
  • Money
  • Home
  • Relationships
  • Health

These are quite common for everyone but what about a deeper more satisfying feeling about life? 

What about peace and harmony and joy? 

What about grounding ourselves by really appreciating what we do have plus who and what we are?

What if your images that you brought up to create a big picture were those of laughter and joy……..of things that would make your heart happy.

What if you took mental snapshots of your life in all the positive ways you are living and doing things right at the present moment?
What if you appreciated the funds you do have coming to you at the present time and picture them growing larger?

What if you enjoyed everything about the home you have now and focus on all of its attributes while envisioning whereelse you might like to reside.

What if you were thankful about the health you do have at this moment…….for every part of your body that feels good……using your focus to help your body be in the best of health.

Sometimes we get so far ahead of ourselves in what we want in life that we fail to address the fact that we already have so much in material goods and even more importantly daily doses of love.

Sometimes we are so busy looking forward that we don’t live in the moment and those moments then get away from us to enjoy.

This is the time to stop and understand that your big picture is now……it is how you are thinking and feeling and what you do with each moment. These moments are your life.

Remember you are making memories to have along your journey and the most fulfilling are those based on love and joy.

Why not just be……..why not just breathe and be focused on each day ………….why not just clear your mind and then look for the beauty around and within you?

If you are so busy with looking at others……. listening to others…….reacting to others…….then your big picture is not yours is it?

The picture you are creating and the images you bring up in your mind should be of you and no one else……this is how you make the big picture just like you want it to be.

Here are some things you can incorporate when envisioning a big picture:
  • Being yourself.
  • Having your own opinion.
  • Doing what makes you happy.
  • Seeing yourself in the most positive way.
  • Always seeing the best things happening for you.
When you incorporate these things into your big picture you cannot help but find the peace and joy that is truly yours every day…… start to notice that life is really quite good after all.

Isn’t this everyone’s main goal in life?

Let go of the thought of lacking anything and embrace the thought that there is already so much you do have……..and even more that you can by acknowledging abundance.

Gratitude creates the most beautiful picture of all.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

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