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Saturday, March 23, 2019

It's All About You

It is strictly human nature to think that we need so many things in our lives to be happy. We seem to constantly search for those things to fill our lives with what we think we need for this to become reality for us.

Here is the rub of it all can we add to our lives when happiness does not exist inside of us right here and now.

If we think that we need things or people to be happy there is not the foundation of happiness to build on yet. It really has to start within us and radiate out not begin on the outside and work its way in.

If we are saying to ourselves if only I had:

  • A relationship.
  • A new car.
  • More money.
  • A better job.
  • A better place to live.
  • And so on.........

If we do not have joy inside of us......if we cannot find peace and happiness by our just being ourselves and seeing the beauty and the most positive things about our lives can we ever find it by adding more people......things......places?

All of the things we add we would expect joy from and this is not fair to those people.....places.....and things  because our mindset would be the same before they were part of our lives as happiness only comes from inside......from self.....from finding the joy in everything that already exists for us and using those things as a focal point to really feel happy.

It never works to add to our lives when we do not know the joy of who we are and what we already have.

By learning to depend on ourselves for care it opens a whole new world for us. When we stop finding fault with who we are........when we understand that we do have a beautiful spirit which depends on us finding the happiness in our lives by allowing it to shine from the inside and go forward with the knowledge that we are in fact finding all of the things in life and ourselves that are positive a foundation does in fact begin to build.

When we stop limiting ourselves by seeing only what we feel we don't have......what is missing.......these thoughts only bring unhappiness and also bring a pattern of constant negativity that hurts our spirit and does not allow us to go forward but truly holds us in the same spot like a hamster on a wheel repeating the same unhappy experiences all of the time.....using the same idea over and over that if there were more we would enjoy life......when in reality we must be content in the moment and get off of the wheel and appreciate all that is right in our lives......then we move forward and things do change for the better just by changing the thought pattern to positive.

If we do not love ourselves first.......if we do not believe we are worthy of good things......then we are defeating our own happiness. 

Believe in yourself........see every good thing about you.......shine a light on all of your wonderful traits........your accomplishments.........your personality........all that is you.

Life is so much easier when we define our own happiness.......when we find all the things to be happy about and build on those......when we let go of the thought of lack of anything and enjoy what is plentiful and around us right now.

Be your own best all that you are in a way that brings out the best thoughts and feelings about you and your life and the life around you.

See the good everywhere and keep that pathway open to more and more of the same coming to you. The more your intent is to see what is positive in your life the more positive things come to you.

It is all about you and you must be the focus of your own happiness by acknowledging what you do have......that you are special......that life is good.

Many Blessings to All

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