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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Worry is a Thief

When we allow worry to consume our lives we are cheating ourselves of any quality of life. We are letting it steal our well-being .......our comfort......our peace of mind.

When our focus is on problems of any kind whether present or those we perceive to be coming we are using all of our energy in such a negative way it is impossible to feel good.

There are so many reasons to remember why we don't need to worry and we should also realize that by worrying we are bringing more of the same because this is where our focus is so positive things can't make their way through.

Here are a few things to focus on instead of worry:

  • Solutions.
  • Remembering times when everything worked out.
  • All the positives you have going right now.
  • Stop trying to control everything.
  • Perfection is a health hazard.
  • See your life in the best possible light.

When you focus on the positive and what solutions are possible you open your heart and mind to new ideas and new ways to figure anything out. Once you start doing this ideas come forward and they just tumble one over the other. It is also a way to lift your spirits and see a brighter path.

In your lifetime you have overcome many things. Take the time to remember how things worked out for you in the past. When you are doing this remember the times they worked out even better than you expected and in a totally different way which was how they were suppose to be instead of what you wanted them to be. Expect the solution but don't try to force it.

Focus on what is going right in your life. For whatever reason we have a habit of zeroing in on the negative which fuels worry and fear. Let go of this focus and turn it to what is positive about who you are and where you are and what you are doing. You will find there is much more of those things if you look for them.

Stop trying to control every situation. If you do and allow things to just flow the answers you are looking for will appear......the solutions you are seeking will will see progress in a positive way when you just give it all up and trust that it is going to work out. When you try to control it you are giving only one way for to be solved.....let to and just let it work the way it takes the stress out of it doesn't it.

Being perfect is so is really not natural. We are all imperfect people so just run with that. Being all things to all people has to go along with trying to make everything perfect all of the time. Life is just not this way ........let it be as it is and let yourself be.......this is the greatest gift you can give to you and everyone around you.

Visualize your life in a way that is beautiful.......recognize the beauty in it right now.......make your conversations about what you you want it......see these things will find that you have a treasure trove of these thoughts stored inside of you.......see and feel them.......believe me if we weren't suppose to use our imagination we wouldn't have one in the first place. Use this as a springboard for the days ahead.....appreciating what is already gone right in your life and seeing in your mind's eye what you want ahead makes for an amazing experience called life.

This is about you so make it that are either sinking into a very unhappy place with the negativity of worry and fear the joy of life being stolen from you........or you are in charge of seeing life in a brighter and more meaningful way by seeing all the positives behind you the now.......and in the days ahead.

Your thoughts are your power ........use them wisely.

Many Blessing to All

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