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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Being Unhappy

Being Unhappy

Unhappiness can become a habit. We embrace it like we want it and can't live without it. Why is that do you suppose? Why do you think we talk about unhappy situations which in turn keeps them alive and well in our hearts and mind? What is it about being unhappy that could possibly make us thrive?

One of the reasons we would like to stay in this paticular time and place of unhappiness is that we are afraid to move forward. We don't want a change in our lives or we can't seem to figure out which change we want. It also shows us that we want everything to change and be the way we want it to be instead of it being as it should be.

I would ask you why you would want to hug close to you an unhappy event or situation that is certainly not doing your beautiful spirit any good and not allowing you to live a life that is centered around you and what you want sothat you can be happy.

Are you clinging to the past? Are you not letting go of a time when you thought it was the best time of your life? I would say this to do you know it is the best time of your life if you stopped allowing good times to happen for you because you are stuck in a time warp and not able to have new experiences that could show you just how great life can be?

Are you unhappy in your present circumstances and being unhappy you only focus on what is wrong and what you you don't like thus not allowing for solutions or ways to move forward happen for you?

When our focus in on total unhappiness........when we are stuck talking about the same old issue......when we are lost in what was......when we can't see any hope for what is ahead we are in a holding pattern of sheer negativity that is costing us the joyful and happy experience of life. If you pay close attention you will see that the same things you are unhappy about keep coming into your life because that is all your focus is.

How many days......months......years......has this cost you? How many days and nights of feeling bad.....being surrounded by such dismal ideas and thoughts.?

I would challenge you today to start on a new path of thinking. One that centers on caring for yourself....... by looking around you and inside of you and seeing the beauty. Making a point of noticing everything that brings you a good feeling.......everything that has been there but you have not paid attention to. 

Let your idea of life become wanting to see the positive........let your thoughts and feelings be on what is right about you and your life......most of all stop the loop of negativity and begin a new and positive train of thought.

Love yourself enough to understand that each moment in our lives is precious and should be lived in beauty and of of ready to move forward for your greater good. 

Watch as you let go of unhappiness and are ready for new horizons which appear quickly and with ease because you are allowing the positive and happy to be dominant in your thoughts and feelings.

Many Blessings to All

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