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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Live in the Moment

One Day at a Time.......

Yesterday is gone.......tomorrow hasn't come yet. Each day should be celebrated as the gift it is.

Life is a series of moments that become days.......days become weeks.......weeks become years.

When you live day to day life becomes richer and more makes the weeks and then the years more fulfilling. Just one day at a time brings so much more to this journey we are on.

The first thing to pay attention to each day is the direction your thoughts are taking. This is of utmost importance because it determines your well-being. If your thoughts are headed in a negative direction you should take note and find a way to turn them around to the positive. If you are to care for yourself properly this is a must.

I realize that this may feel like a stressful time for everyone but your mindset is paramount to how you cope and how you function. May sure to care for yourself enough to have thoughts that are the best they can be for your greater good.

Turn off the news.......stop surfing the net about the crisis. This is a negative presence that you do not need. How can you possibly feel good when there is conflicting stories constantly. This does not help you to find a positive train of thought so be in control of what you bring into your home and your thought process.

Look around you and find things that make you feel good. You have many things to appreciate in your life right now but negative thoughts prevent you from seeing them because you are tuned into things that upset you.

Find things to do that bring a sense of fun and joy. Be active in having fun even though it may be limited in some ways you will feel so much better doing things that bring a smile or a laugh.

Don't allow yourself to be defeated by negativity. It is only your frame of mind that will defeat you. There are so many things to be thankful for and when you focus on those you find that hope and love become a foundation to build on.

Be your own thought machine. Don't allow anyone to influence how you are thinking. Find the things that bring you peace and focus on those.

Remember all the times you hit a rough patch in your life and when you came through it things were better than you thought they would be.

You have the strength because you have known adversity before. You have the courage because you are still here making your way. Build on these two tools that you have used in your life before and know that there is always a new path to take ........ a new adventure to yourself and use your power of thought to help you find the most positive direction to focus on.

You've got this!

Many Blessings to All

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