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Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Art of Gratitude

To be grateful means to be thankful, to appreciate. 

I know that during these times it may be more difficult to feel gratitude but in order to make our lives make sense in a more positive way we must use our thoughts and feelings to see what we have to be grateful for......what we appreciate about our lives ........about ourselves. 

Practicing gratitude is the highest form of positive thinking there is. By finding the things in our lives to be grateful appreciating the good things we begin to see life in a way that brings us the peace and joy we do want for ourselves.

When we are at our lowest point it is because we are looking for and finding things that are not going well.......we tune into the negative and soon that is all we are looking at and talking about. How can we possibly feel good when we are pointing out to ourselves what is wrong......what is an obstacle.......what makes us unhappy.

In order to feel that our life has order to feel good about the moments we are living ......we must make sure that we are using our thoughts to find the good within us and around us. It is certainly there we just need to tap into shine a light on make sure that we find the positive about everything we can.

Use your personal space.......whatever that might mean to you.......this space is a place for you to really sit and appreciate things in your life.......things about yourself. Do not bring anything or anyone else's energy into your space.......this is very important......if you are in fact appreciating things........ make them things that are about you ........what you have......what you have accomplished. When you start doing this your life begins to show you what you have far you have come.......that you as a person are valuable to so many.

If you just sit and make a list of things you are grateful for.......things you appreciate you will find that once you start the list get longer and longer. Once you have written them down you can read them and add to them daily. Reaffirming and adding are great tools to keep the positive things in your life real and important.

Here are some examples of how you can design a list things to be grateful for. Remember this is your are the artist of the picture you create with everything you are grateful for.

Start with the very simple because there are so many of these. Once you start to recognize how many smaller.....simpler things there are it is easy to notice the bigger things later.

  • I am grateful for this space that is my very own.
  • I am grateful I woke up this morning.
  • I am grateful for the sunshine.

  • I appreciate my personality.
  • I appreciate my hobby.
  • I appreciate my friendships.

Gratitude is the foundation of joy. It is the springboard of feeling good. When you truly see how much you do have to be grateful for no matter your circumstances you change the direction of your thoughts which then really does change the direction your journey and where it takes you.

Everyone has different lives and different issues but there is one thing that is certain there is always something to be grateful for.

Many Blessings to All


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