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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

It is standard for everyone to go back and look at the past year to see what they need to change about themselves. Isn't that just the silliest thing? Who says this is a rule?

The art of loving yourself should be your first resolution. It should be your priority.

Why would we want to look back at the past year and see anything wrong? We should celebrate that we lived 365 days and ready to start another 365.

Isn’t it time that we take a look at ourselves in the best light possible and we stop being critical of who we are and appreciate the great person that we have always been?

Isn’t it time for you to take stock of all the things that you did right last year, the things that went right for you and all that felt good.

Look for the happy times you shared and the love that you gave and received each month of 2014.

Look for all that you did to make your life better and the ways that you are still doing it.

Embrace all of the good qualities you have for they are far better and there are more of them than anything you might feel are negative.

Start out 2015 with the knowledge that you are a valuable part of the human race, you lend so much to all of us here and you are so worthy of all that you have and do.

Don’t change anything about yourself you don't want to. If in fact you want to improve parts of yourself whatever that may be, do it with a smile and know that you are just enhancing all that you are.

First and foremost be happy with yourself! Make your own rule about life and how you want it to live it. It makes it all so much simpler.

Many Blessing to all and may this be a year that brings you the best of everything.


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