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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Worry is a Thief

When we allow worry to consume our lives we are cheating ourselves of any quality of life. We are letting it steal our well-being .......our comfort......our peace of mind.

When our focus is on problems of any kind whether present or those we perceive to be coming we are using all of our energy in such a negative way it is impossible to feel good.

There are so many reasons to remember why we don't need to worry and we should also realize that by worrying we are bringing more of the same because this is where our focus is so positive things can't make their way through.

Here are a few things to focus on instead of worry:

  • Solutions.
  • Remembering times when everything worked out.
  • All the positives you have going right now.
  • Stop trying to control everything.
  • Perfection is a health hazard.
  • See your life in the best possible light.

When you focus on the positive and what solutions are possible you open your heart and mind to new ideas and new ways to figure anything out. Once you start doing this ideas come forward and they just tumble one over the other. It is also a way to lift your spirits and see a brighter path.

In your lifetime you have overcome many things. Take the time to remember how things worked out for you in the past. When you are doing this remember the times they worked out even better than you expected and in a totally different way which was how they were suppose to be instead of what you wanted them to be. Expect the solution but don't try to force it.

Focus on what is going right in your life. For whatever reason we have a habit of zeroing in on the negative which fuels worry and fear. Let go of this focus and turn it to what is positive about who you are and where you are and what you are doing. You will find there is much more of those things if you look for them.

Stop trying to control every situation. If you do and allow things to just flow the answers you are looking for will appear......the solutions you are seeking will will see progress in a positive way when you just give it all up and trust that it is going to work out. When you try to control it you are giving only one way for to be solved.....let to and just let it work the way it takes the stress out of it doesn't it.

Being perfect is so is really not natural. We are all imperfect people so just run with that. Being all things to all people has to go along with trying to make everything perfect all of the time. Life is just not this way ........let it be as it is and let yourself be.......this is the greatest gift you can give to you and everyone around you.

Visualize your life in a way that is beautiful.......recognize the beauty in it right now.......make your conversations about what you you want it......see these things will find that you have a treasure trove of these thoughts stored inside of you.......see and feel them.......believe me if we weren't suppose to use our imagination we wouldn't have one in the first place. Use this as a springboard for the days ahead.....appreciating what is already gone right in your life and seeing in your mind's eye what you want ahead makes for an amazing experience called life.

This is about you so make it that are either sinking into a very unhappy place with the negativity of worry and fear the joy of life being stolen from you........or you are in charge of seeing life in a brighter and more meaningful way by seeing all the positives behind you the now.......and in the days ahead.

Your thoughts are your power ........use them wisely.

Many Blessing to All

Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Beauty in Life

There are so many things in life that make it beautiful. Life is a gift to be enjoyed be lived in a happy and content manner. We as humans tend to complicate it much more that we should. 

I would challenge you to start looking for the beauty in your life. Once you start you will be amazed at what you find and how you feel.

What if you began by looking at nature all around you. There in itself is unbelievable beauty if we take the time to really pay attention. 

  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Trees
  • Birds
  • Flowers
The list is endless if we just look and admire.

When you are taking in all the beauty of nature breathe in and out and relax.......let the experience not only uplift you but relax beautiful is that. What if we let go of noticing what was wrong with our surroundings and honed in on what was right. Negativity would never overcome beauty if we did this.

What if you looked inside at all of your wonderful attributes.

  • Love
  • Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Humor
These are a foundation of beauty if you shine the light on them and use them fulfilling is that. What if we stopped be hard on ourselves and finding fault within.
Negativity about who we are would cease and life would be brighter.

What if you looked for the beauty in others. Just one positive thing about a person makes a difference.

  • Their smile
  • Their laugh
  • Their unique personality.
These are a cornerstone to sharing joy.

What if we stopped judging others.......we have no idea what is going on in their lives. Everyone has the right to live life as they wish and they should as we are all snowflakes on of a kind.

Letting go of negative thoughts of others would start a world wide change.

If you stop watching the news and let go of the need to know all that is going on you will find your thought process makes a change for the better. If you are searching for news try to find all of the positive things that are going on in your town.....your state......your country.....the world. There is so much more good going on than bad......change your focus so that you can see the beauty in the world. Find the stories of people helping each other......the planet......any story that shows compassion and kindness. You will find that when you start looking there are far more good stories than changes your mindset to know so much good is going on around you.

What if you lived each moment looking for the beauty in life. Wouldn't it make each day an adventure.

We can choose our path in life and we do by using our thoughts and feelings. Making a habit of seeing beauty everywhere is a way to not only be happier but to make each day bright and uplifting for our greater good.

May you all practice finding the beauty in your life for there is so much to see.

Many Blessing to All

If you would like a daily positive idea go to my Facebook page "It's Not About Age It's About Attitude"  I post everyday something daily I hope helps everyone use their thoughts wisely.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

It's All About You

It is strictly human nature to think that we need so many things in our lives to be happy. We seem to constantly search for those things to fill our lives with what we think we need for this to become reality for us.

Here is the rub of it all can we add to our lives when happiness does not exist inside of us right here and now.

If we think that we need things or people to be happy there is not the foundation of happiness to build on yet. It really has to start within us and radiate out not begin on the outside and work its way in.

If we are saying to ourselves if only I had:

  • A relationship.
  • A new car.
  • More money.
  • A better job.
  • A better place to live.
  • And so on.........

If we do not have joy inside of us......if we cannot find peace and happiness by our just being ourselves and seeing the beauty and the most positive things about our lives can we ever find it by adding more people......things......places?

All of the things we add we would expect joy from and this is not fair to those people.....places.....and things  because our mindset would be the same before they were part of our lives as happiness only comes from inside......from self.....from finding the joy in everything that already exists for us and using those things as a focal point to really feel happy.

It never works to add to our lives when we do not know the joy of who we are and what we already have.

By learning to depend on ourselves for care it opens a whole new world for us. When we stop finding fault with who we are........when we understand that we do have a beautiful spirit which depends on us finding the happiness in our lives by allowing it to shine from the inside and go forward with the knowledge that we are in fact finding all of the things in life and ourselves that are positive a foundation does in fact begin to build.

When we stop limiting ourselves by seeing only what we feel we don't have......what is missing.......these thoughts only bring unhappiness and also bring a pattern of constant negativity that hurts our spirit and does not allow us to go forward but truly holds us in the same spot like a hamster on a wheel repeating the same unhappy experiences all of the time.....using the same idea over and over that if there were more we would enjoy life......when in reality we must be content in the moment and get off of the wheel and appreciate all that is right in our lives......then we move forward and things do change for the better just by changing the thought pattern to positive.

If we do not love ourselves first.......if we do not believe we are worthy of good things......then we are defeating our own happiness. 

Believe in yourself........see every good thing about you.......shine a light on all of your wonderful traits........your accomplishments.........your personality........all that is you.

Life is so much easier when we define our own happiness.......when we find all the things to be happy about and build on those......when we let go of the thought of lack of anything and enjoy what is plentiful and around us right now.

Be your own best all that you are in a way that brings out the best thoughts and feelings about you and your life and the life around you.

See the good everywhere and keep that pathway open to more and more of the same coming to you. The more your intent is to see what is positive in your life the more positive things come to you.

It is all about you and you must be the focus of your own happiness by acknowledging what you do have......that you are special......that life is good.

Many Blessings to All

Saturday, March 2, 2019

We all shine in our own way and this is how it is suppose to be......we all have our own special light which is amazing when you think about who you what you do without apology or life to the fullest and let your light shine for the is an affirmation for today: "I am one of a kind with a bright light that shines beautifully."

Monday, February 18, 2019

The One and Only You

In this New Year there are many resolutions being made as always........we all want to be different and make our lives better than they were last year. Most of these resolutions are about finances or body shape or relationships.

The definition of resolute is: being admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

What if we instead used this same definition to just being ourselves.......believing in who we are......loving our quircky and wonderful personality.......being comfortable in our own life in a joyful and peaceful way.

What if we chose to be the unique spirit we different from everyone else with a journey all our own.

What if .........this is most important......we chose to be like no one not fit into a not go down the same path that others deem the way to go find our way by using the internal compass we have to monitor the things that feel right to us.

In our lives there are certain choices we make and these choices are paramount to what we have and what we are living. Let's not let anyone else dictate what we do.......the path we follow......the ideas we have.

Be proud of who you have every right to think for grow in a direction that suits do what you have a passion go with what drives you forward.

Each and every one of us has passion and drive and thank heavens it is not the same thing because nothing else would every get done in this world.

Be the bright spirit you are and do what makes you feel good......what feels right for you.......what brings you joy.

Life is so much simpler and happy when you break away from a mold.......when you use your own thoughts.........when you let your life flow in the direction it should go.

Make your resolution about you in a way that is powerful and uplifting not because you are following the guidelines of life set by others.

Here is an affirmation: "My life is my own to follow the direction I see fit for myself."

Many Blessing to All

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Centering Yourself

It is the time of year where we are all in a hurry one way or another. Everything needs to be done or get finished at a breakneck speed it seems.

We are also at the end of another year and waiting for a new one to begin. On that thought let's do something for ourselves in anticipation of the New Year.

If you would take the time to just sit in a quiet space and allow yourself to slow down in mind and body. 

Here is some help in doing just that:

  • Breathe in a out slowly and methodically.
  • Pay attention to the breaths you take in and those you let out.
  • As you pay attention to your breathing you begin to can actually feel your muscles doing just that.
  • By putting all your attention on your breathing you find your mind empties when you breathe in and you relax because all the tension leaves with every breath you breathe out.
  • Now use your attention to find the very center of you and feel it.
  • As you feel it you find your feel in control.
  • Let this feeling get stronger and stronger.
  • This is the pure center of who you are.

This is centering yourself mind and body to help bring the most positive and calm presence of self you can. It feels good and can be done anytime you need to.

When you feel this wonderful sense of self and control use it for your greater good to bring in the most positive thoughts about the time remaining in this year and especially for the upcoming year. 

  • Instead of bracing yourself for the worst brace yourself for the best.
  • Turn off the news and let go of any other source that does not help you to maintain a positive outlook.
  • Make your personal space a haven for peace and optimism.
  • Don't take on anyone else's negative attitude.

You are in charge of your own comes from within.

See life in the best light and know that by doing this you are forging a path of pure joy.

Here is an affirmation for this: "I am creating a life that suits my happiness."

Many Blessing to All

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Who Says?

Are you allowing others control your life by trying to fit in by acting like everyone else?

Are you giving up the very core of yourself by not being true to who you really are because you are afraid you are not going to be accepted by those who think life should be a certain way?

Are you living a life you have been taught to live and by doing this living someone else's idea of how your journey should be?

First of all you must understand that each of us is unique. We have our own thought process and our own vivid imagination which if we weren't suppose to live a life of our own we wouldn't have. 

This is truly amazing you know.......each of us like a snowflake that has no duplicate.

We can be whoever we want to what feels right to anyway we choose if we decide that we don't want to be a copy but truly want to be an original.

So the just of the matter is this:

  • Who says you can 't be whatever you wish to be?
  • Who says you can't achieve the things you want for yourself?
  • Who says you must act a certain way?
  • Who says you must believe a certain way?
  • Who says you must fit in with everyone else?
  • Who says everyone must be the same......think the same........feel the same?

It simply is a matter of following or being a free thinker.

You can listen to others tell you how to live and what to think or you can be the wonderful spirit that you are and follow where your thoughts and feelings lead you.

If you are a follower then you are allowing another person's thoughts and ideas to shape your life. Be aware of what you are being told and if it doesn't feel right then it is not right for you.

Don't be swayed by fear or anger.......they are negative faiths. 

This is about you and what you feel about any and all things about yourself and your life.

Be the one who stands for themselves remember it is you who is in control of how you think and feel and you most certainly have the strength to live life in the manner which suits you.

Many Blessings to all!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Conversations About Yourself

You know these conversations........the one you have in your head and the one's you have with other people that amazingly enough are almost always critical.

Working with clients I have found that people would rather tell you about all their mistakes.......all of their shortcomings......all of their imperfections in conversations about themselves.

Why do you think we have started such a bad habit?

These are some examples of the negative thinking we use on ourselves:

  • When we look in the mirror we look with a critical eye.
  • When we think of the past we almost always look back at what went wrong or what we did wrong.
  • When we talk about ourselves we almost always are negative about our appearance or our circumstances.
  • When we talk about our relationships we almost always talk about what is wrong with them first.

These are habits that can be broken and what a huge and positive beginning when this happens!

Always remember that you are in charge of who you are right now and when you let go of the present negativity along with the past negativity you are creating a journey that is filled with self-love and appreciation.

Here are ways to begin the habit of positive thinking about you and your life: 

  • See everything positive about your appearance. 
  • When a past mistake pops into your head just think blah...blah...blah until it passes. (You may laugh but believe me it works!)
  • When you are talking about your life to someone else make sure it the conversation is about what is going right and the most positive things you can think of.
  • Always remember our relationships are what we think they are and how we speak about them.

Use your powerful thoughts about everything in the positive. When you are thinking about yourself......your life.....your relationships......your career.......your family.......use only the best thoughts. When you do this not only do you lift your spirit and feel better you create more and more of the same things you think about.

Our thoughts have so much energy why not use them for the best and brightest life possible.

It is up to you how you want your thinking habit to go forward........create amazing results by changing it for the better.

Many Blessings to All