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Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Art of Gratitude

To be grateful means to be thankful, to appreciate. 

I know that during these times it may be more difficult to feel gratitude but in order to make our lives make sense in a more positive way we must use our thoughts and feelings to see what we have to be grateful for......what we appreciate about our lives ........about ourselves. 

Practicing gratitude is the highest form of positive thinking there is. By finding the things in our lives to be grateful appreciating the good things we begin to see life in a way that brings us the peace and joy we do want for ourselves.

When we are at our lowest point it is because we are looking for and finding things that are not going well.......we tune into the negative and soon that is all we are looking at and talking about. How can we possibly feel good when we are pointing out to ourselves what is wrong......what is an obstacle.......what makes us unhappy.

In order to feel that our life has order to feel good about the moments we are living ......we must make sure that we are using our thoughts to find the good within us and around us. It is certainly there we just need to tap into shine a light on make sure that we find the positive about everything we can.

Use your personal space.......whatever that might mean to you.......this space is a place for you to really sit and appreciate things in your life.......things about yourself. Do not bring anything or anyone else's energy into your space.......this is very important......if you are in fact appreciating things........ make them things that are about you ........what you have......what you have accomplished. When you start doing this your life begins to show you what you have far you have come.......that you as a person are valuable to so many.

If you just sit and make a list of things you are grateful for.......things you appreciate you will find that once you start the list get longer and longer. Once you have written them down you can read them and add to them daily. Reaffirming and adding are great tools to keep the positive things in your life real and important.

Here are some examples of how you can design a list things to be grateful for. Remember this is your are the artist of the picture you create with everything you are grateful for.

Start with the very simple because there are so many of these. Once you start to recognize how many smaller.....simpler things there are it is easy to notice the bigger things later.

  • I am grateful for this space that is my very own.
  • I am grateful I woke up this morning.
  • I am grateful for the sunshine.

  • I appreciate my personality.
  • I appreciate my hobby.
  • I appreciate my friendships.

Gratitude is the foundation of joy. It is the springboard of feeling good. When you truly see how much you do have to be grateful for no matter your circumstances you change the direction of your thoughts which then really does change the direction your journey and where it takes you.

Everyone has different lives and different issues but there is one thing that is certain there is always something to be grateful for.

Many Blessings to All


Saturday, March 2, 2019

We all shine in our own way and this is how it is suppose to be......we all have our own special light which is amazing when you think about who you what you do without apology or life to the fullest and let your light shine for the is an affirmation for today: "I am one of a kind with a bright light that shines beautifully."

Monday, February 18, 2019

The One and Only You

In this New Year there are many resolutions being made as always........we all want to be different and make our lives better than they were last year. Most of these resolutions are about finances or body shape or relationships.

The definition of resolute is: being admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

What if we instead used this same definition to just being ourselves.......believing in who we are......loving our quircky and wonderful personality.......being comfortable in our own life in a joyful and peaceful way.

What if we chose to be the unique spirit we different from everyone else with a journey all our own.

What if .........this is most important......we chose to be like no one not fit into a not go down the same path that others deem the way to go find our way by using the internal compass we have to monitor the things that feel right to us.

In our lives there are certain choices we make and these choices are paramount to what we have and what we are living. Let's not let anyone else dictate what we do.......the path we follow......the ideas we have.

Be proud of who you have every right to think for grow in a direction that suits do what you have a passion go with what drives you forward.

Each and every one of us has passion and drive and thank heavens it is not the same thing because nothing else would every get done in this world.

Be the bright spirit you are and do what makes you feel good......what feels right for you.......what brings you joy.

Life is so much simpler and happy when you break away from a mold.......when you use your own thoughts.........when you let your life flow in the direction it should go.

Make your resolution about you in a way that is powerful and uplifting not because you are following the guidelines of life set by others.

Here is an affirmation: "My life is my own to follow the direction I see fit for myself."

Many Blessing to All

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Centering Yourself

It is the time of year where we are all in a hurry one way or another. Everything needs to be done or get finished at a breakneck speed it seems.

We are also at the end of another year and waiting for a new one to begin. On that thought let's do something for ourselves in anticipation of the New Year.

If you would take the time to just sit in a quiet space and allow yourself to slow down in mind and body. 

Here is some help in doing just that:

  • Breathe in a out slowly and methodically.
  • Pay attention to the breaths you take in and those you let out.
  • As you pay attention to your breathing you begin to can actually feel your muscles doing just that.
  • By putting all your attention on your breathing you find your mind empties when you breathe in and you relax because all the tension leaves with every breath you breathe out.
  • Now use your attention to find the very center of you and feel it.
  • As you feel it you find your feel in control.
  • Let this feeling get stronger and stronger.
  • This is the pure center of who you are.

This is centering yourself mind and body to help bring the most positive and calm presence of self you can. It feels good and can be done anytime you need to.

When you feel this wonderful sense of self and control use it for your greater good to bring in the most positive thoughts about the time remaining in this year and especially for the upcoming year. 

  • Instead of bracing yourself for the worst brace yourself for the best.
  • Turn off the news and let go of any other source that does not help you to maintain a positive outlook.
  • Make your personal space a haven for peace and optimism.
  • Don't take on anyone else's negative attitude.

You are in charge of your own comes from within.

See life in the best light and know that by doing this you are forging a path of pure joy.

Here is an affirmation for this: "I am creating a life that suits my happiness."

Many Blessing to All

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Who Says?

Are you allowing others control your life by trying to fit in by acting like everyone else?

Are you giving up the very core of yourself by not being true to who you really are because you are afraid you are not going to be accepted by those who think life should be a certain way?

Are you living a life you have been taught to live and by doing this living someone else's idea of how your journey should be?

First of all you must understand that each of us is unique. We have our own thought process and our own vivid imagination which if we weren't suppose to live a life of our own we wouldn't have. 

This is truly amazing you know.......each of us like a snowflake that has no duplicate.

We can be whoever we want to what feels right to anyway we choose if we decide that we don't want to be a copy but truly want to be an original.

So the just of the matter is this:

  • Who says you can 't be whatever you wish to be?
  • Who says you can't achieve the things you want for yourself?
  • Who says you must act a certain way?
  • Who says you must believe a certain way?
  • Who says you must fit in with everyone else?
  • Who says everyone must be the same......think the same........feel the same?

It simply is a matter of following or being a free thinker.

You can listen to others tell you how to live and what to think or you can be the wonderful spirit that you are and follow where your thoughts and feelings lead you.

If you are a follower then you are allowing another person's thoughts and ideas to shape your life. Be aware of what you are being told and if it doesn't feel right then it is not right for you.

Don't be swayed by fear or anger.......they are negative faiths. 

This is about you and what you feel about any and all things about yourself and your life.

Be the one who stands for themselves remember it is you who is in control of how you think and feel and you most certainly have the strength to live life in the manner which suits you.

Many Blessings to all!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Conversations About Yourself

You know these conversations........the one you have in your head and the one's you have with other people that amazingly enough are almost always critical.

Working with clients I have found that people would rather tell you about all their mistakes.......all of their shortcomings......all of their imperfections in conversations about themselves.

Why do you think we have started such a bad habit?

These are some examples of the negative thinking we use on ourselves:

  • When we look in the mirror we look with a critical eye.
  • When we think of the past we almost always look back at what went wrong or what we did wrong.
  • When we talk about ourselves we almost always are negative about our appearance or our circumstances.
  • When we talk about our relationships we almost always talk about what is wrong with them first.

These are habits that can be broken and what a huge and positive beginning when this happens!

Always remember that you are in charge of who you are right now and when you let go of the present negativity along with the past negativity you are creating a journey that is filled with self-love and appreciation.

Here are ways to begin the habit of positive thinking about you and your life: 

  • See everything positive about your appearance. 
  • When a past mistake pops into your head just think blah...blah...blah until it passes. (You may laugh but believe me it works!)
  • When you are talking about your life to someone else make sure it the conversation is about what is going right and the most positive things you can think of.
  • Always remember our relationships are what we think they are and how we speak about them.

Use your powerful thoughts about everything in the positive. When you are thinking about yourself......your life.....your relationships......your career.......your family.......use only the best thoughts. When you do this not only do you lift your spirit and feel better you create more and more of the same things you think about.

Our thoughts have so much energy why not use them for the best and brightest life possible.

It is up to you how you want your thinking habit to go forward........create amazing results by changing it for the better.

Many Blessings to All

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sense of Self

Do you take the time to just find a quiet place and tune into your sense of self? Do you take the time to actually feel who you are and reach the beautiful spirit that makes you sparkle and shine?

Why wouldn’t we want to be in touch with all that we are? It gives us such a boost and a feeling of control if we practice just being.

Most of the time we are involved with thinking and worrying and projecting. This makes life about problems……. the past……and what is going to happen in the future. If we are to live life to the fullest we must let go of this thought process and adapt ourselves to being in the here and now.

When we let negative thoughts take over and control our life then we are not taking care of ourselves the way we should. Negativity is so easy to fall into yet so destructive to our well-being.

What if we grounded ourselves daily with being in the moment…….clearing our mind……..feeling the beauty of self and the force within.

Here are the steps you can take to achieve this sense of self:
  • Find a place you have complete quiet for a few moments.
  • Sit and breathe deeply in and out slowly focusing on each breath in and out.
  • Your mind will clear as you focus on your breathing and this is what you want to happen.
  • Clearing your mind and sitting breathing in and out you are most certainly in the moment.
  • Feel how free you are in mind and body.
  • Feel in the very center of you the divine feeling of your spirit.
  • Pay attention to this feeling as it is your sense of self and who you are.
  • Feel the beauty of self and feel your energy within.
  • Keep your focus on your beautiful energetic spirit for as long as you want to.
  • Breathing in and out and feeling your power you are in the moment without any other thoughts to distract you.

Isn’t it an amazing feeling to be in the moment and not allow any thoughts to intrude on your spirit so that you can feel the power of who you are.

Do this for at least 10 minutes or longer if you wish to. Being centered and feeling so connected is important because then you can be in control of thoughts you wish to have and let go of those you do not.

Why not make a habit of this during the day? You have started the day with a quiet spot and your focus within why not when thoughts tend to overtake you revert right back to that place of being in the moment and not allowing anything to take away the peaceful and joyful way it makes you feel. 

You don’t have to stop and go somewhere quiet as you do when you start the day……..just say to yourself these thoughts are not what I want for myself and take yourself within to your sense of self.

Enjoy your surroundings without any negative thoughts about it ……..just enjoy the beauty you see.

Living life does not mean being you have to be in turmoil……….it means to truly live in the moment and if those moments are those of your choosing by not allowing negative thoughts overtake you life becomes so much more satisfying…… will change your well-being for the better when you choose to focus on your sense of self and your beautiful spirit.

Many Blessings to All

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Inner Strength

“It's essential you create a fiery will from within--harness that power of decisiveness--and choose to be your strongest self.” ― Karen Salmansohn

Each one of us has an inner strength.......sometimes we discount it because we allow worry and fear to become a larger factor at times and it seems that negativity is the only situation we find ourselves in. 

Believe me when I tell you that when you are focused on all that is wrong you feel weak and helpless. You are not looking for any positive outcomes but are zeroing in on all that is not right in your life. It is a snowball effect because then you incorporate everything negative about your what is going on with you and your life.

Inner strength is the ability to see what is see a direction to take or an outcome to take advantage of.

So many times you don't give yourself credit for inner discount how many times you have used it........  if you only take a look at your life and remember the times when you took charge worked it all out with a sense of control you will find that more times than not you did have the inner strength to do it.

We all have the that says I can and one that says I can't.......the one that says I can has more power because it feels right feels is the direction to take because when you have this feeling your inner strength is at work. Don't allow the negativity of I can't become a part of who you are because you are so much more than that.

Focus on the times you have worked things out.......made things happen......showed have used your inner strength for your greater good many times.

Your inner strength along with a positive outlook brings you solutions if you open your mind. Using both of these will become a habit which empowers you to go through life in a decisive way.

Here are some affirmations that will help you when you need them:

  • "My inner strength is part of who I am and is always there for me to use."
  • "I can be strong and desisive when I need to be."
  • "My inner strength has served me well in my lifetime."
  • "I don't have to be fearful because I have inner strength to help my solve issues."

Love yourself........rely on yourself........know you are in charge of your life. Remember what happens in your life is challenging and an adventure and you can make it the most positive of experiences when you use the world "I can!". 

Many Blessing to All

Saturday, February 10, 2018

To Be Complete

Just think about this for a moment.........

If you don't love yourself how can you expect someone else to do it for you?

Here are some reason's why we feel we need someone in our lives:

  • To be complete.
  • To not be alone.
  • To fit in with society.
  • To fill a void.
  • To be needed.

These are just a few reasons we have been using over many generations some have been taught and some we have added on our own.

Well here is a big news flash for everyone!

You are already complete........see yourself this way........don't see a fractured person but a beautiful spirit that shines brightly. You are a wonderful person with many qualities that make you unique and special. Don't let your life become complicated by thinking that you need someone to make you a whole already are so love who you are without reservation or criticism. 

Love your own being on your own doing things that make you feel good. If you love who you are first then you know the feeling and can share love with another......if you fill your life by doing things that bring you joy you find that being on your own is not only uplifting but peaceful.

Don't let anyone mold you into being something or someone you are are special and when you acknowledge this and you recognize your own qualities then you are being true to yourself and this should be first and foremost.......don't live a life that belongs to someone the one that is right for  you.......don't let society dictate your life.

You must be happy within that beautiful spirit of yours.........there is never a void when you fill your life with the things you like to do and surround yourself with people who you enjoy........fill your life with the things that make you happy so you don't have a void.......make a note of things that you enjoy doing and do them.........this is a choice you must make for yourself..... when you do you will find life becomes richer and more fulfilling.

The first need you must meet is to take care of yourself first.......what do you want for cannot and should not make anyone your first priority but you and know true happiness........this sounds selfish but it isn't really........if you are not happy how can anyone around you be happy.......if you are not fulfilled with the things  you want for yourself then joy escapes you. It is not your job to make the world happy is your job to make yourself happy for your greater good.

In this life we have a standard that we must belong in a way that others dictate.......don't believe only have to make yourself happy and do the things that bring you joy in all areas of your life........being a partner or a couple is not yourself enough to be in your own company and not be lonely.

Just picture if you will the world full of people who are not trying to please others........who are making their own lives their priority........who feel blessed and happy with who they are and what they have and what they are doing.........what freedom we would feel each one of us if we only let go of needing someone to make us complete and depended only on liking and loving who we are.

Two ways to look at life:

I love you because I need you.
I need you because I love you.

Be someone who loves themselves first..........who is independent and uses their thoughts in the most positive will attract someone with the same ideas that will compliment you in so many areas of your life.

Many Blessings to All

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Sense of Self

"What I am looking for is not out there - it is in me." ― Helen Keller

This is a New Year and with it always comes resolutions ………things you feel you need to change to be better.

Why is it we are always looking at the outside of ourselves?

Why do we think that everything has to do with what we look like……. what we have…….where we live……what we do for a living……..all the trappings of life that we beat ourselves up about because we feel we are not up to what should be?

What if we freed ourselves from the habit of these ideas?

What if we decided to let go of anything we have been taught about being and doing and having and made up our own way of doing things?

What if we decided that this was the year to be who we are and do what feels right just for us?

What if we decided not to fit in to a pattern that is made for everyone when we are all so different with different ideas and thoughts?

Be true to yourself always and in this New Year become the person that is happy from the inside……. love who you are and what you think because this is how life becomes the way you wish it to be.

Here are some tips on how you can achieve a great sense of self:

  • Feel your way…….in other words if it doesn’t feel right to you no matter what others say do what does feel right.
  • Don’t say yes when you really don’t want to………. use the word no more often………you will free yourself so much doing this.
  • Put yourself first……..sometimes you may think this is difficult but when you do you will find that life lightens up and you then are ready to do what you need to but at your own pace and in your own time…….the stress of trying to please others constantly does not serve your well-being in the least.
  • Accept who you are……..there is no one else like you………flaws and strengths………love and laughter…….all the things that make up you………don’t wish your life away trying to measure up to anyone else…… are special and you need to acknowledge this constantly…….don’t expect or need it from anyone else but yourself.
  • Live in the moment and make your moments count…… have accomplished so much in your life so far ……….focus on those things and expect more and more as you follow your your own cheerleader.
  • Be comfortable in your own skin.......don't try to duplicate someone else's life.......make your own comfortable style and environment to accomodate all that you are.

All of this comes from the inside………all of this comes from a wonderful sense of self………if you are doing this already good for you……..keep it up and make it stronger than ever………if you are not…….start with this new year to form a wonderful sense of self…….from the inside ………..this is where your power lies and can be used every single day if you choose to do it.

Rely on yourself for your own happiness………..don’t fit into a mold someone else thinks you should…… an individual with great expectations for an adventure that will blossom with every positive thought you can use.

Here is an affirmation to use: “I love who I am and the adventure that is waiting for me.”

May your New Year be all you want it to be and more!

Many Blessings to All

Friday, May 1, 2015


This is a part of the thought process we can pay attention to and when we do we may just with a little effort begin to see where it makes a difference in the way we feel.

Here are a few things you might review to see if they resonate with you:

  • What is my focus when I wake up?
  • What is my focus when I am getting to where I am going?
  • What is my focus when I am working, relaxing, or just doing?
  • What is my focus before I go to sleep at night?

When you start your day where do you find your focus? Do you find it stressing over the day to come, thinking about being overwhelmed, worrying about what is to get done and will you?

  • What if you focused on just breathing easily and feeling calm?
  • What if you did not turn on any news read any news or look for anything that might be chaotic?
  • What if your focus when you started your day was on what a unique and amazing person you are with so many abilities it would be very hard not to have a great day?
  • What if you just focused on having on the day being exactly what you want it to be?

When you are getting from point A to point B during your day where do you find your focus? Are you always in a hurry and impatient with everyone around you? Do you find your focus is not a happy one?

  • What if you just put on your favorite music and really just let it flow and relax you?
  • What if you made the effort to focus on something in your life that helps you feel good. Whatever it is would be your own for this is after all just about you, so that you find your thoughts in a much better place.

When you are going about your day what is your focus? Is it the best you can have or maybe not so much?

  • What if you made it a point to focus on things around you that lifted you spirits? Whatever does that for you is exactly right. I love nature so that is where I focus many times a day.
  • What if you focus on the things that have gone right so far during your day and are very appreciative of all of them?

When you are dealing with others during your day how do you use your focus? Is it in positive or negative way?

  • What if you used more kindness when working with others, more understanding and patience?  This could be with co-workers or a clerk in a store it doesn't make a difference because it helps when you use your focus with others in the positive all day.
  • What if your focus was to see others in their best possible light?

When you are ready to retire for the night where is your focus?  Is it on all the negative things that happened during your day or all the positive things?

  • What if you just relaxed and let your mind go over everything that went right for you all day.
  • What if you thought about the people who made your day a good one?
  • What if you just let go of everything but a smile and good feeling about who you are and your ability to focus on whatever you choose to?

As you can see you are in charge here, it is your focus and what you do with it, how you use it is completely up to you.

I would say this to you however; why not feel the best that you can by using your focus for your greater good.

Many Blessing to All

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Criticism     Make it a thing of the past

Criticism: the act of expressing disapproval and of noting problems or faults of a person or thing; the act of criticizing someone or something.

Why is it do you suppose that we beautiful spirits choose to find fault with so many things in our lives including ourselves?

Has it become such a habit that it is ingrained in us to be negative right away when we look at people, places and things?

What if we choose to change that about ourselves so we then begin to see life in a better light?

How about that thing called self criticism. This should be the first and foremost critical habit to break for everyone.

There is only one you, that makes you very special and unique. How can you possibly criticize something that is so exceptional?

If there was an individual which was one of a kind left in the world we would treasure it and do all we could to make sure it was taken care of. It would be sheltered, kept safe and nurtured no matter what it was. Anthropologists do this all the time when they find something from the past to treasure.

Big news flash here people think about it no one else has your exact DNA your fingerprints or your personality. Wow amazing isn't it. That in itself should bring some serious self care forward.

So if we are to get rid of self criticism we must look for the best in ourselves. You have so many great qualities start with those, point them out to yourself and feel good about who you are.

Love how you look, how you laugh, how you are on a daily basis. We each have the distinct right to be who we are and we don’t have to please anyone else but ourselves. Be proud of who you are, you have earned wherever you are in life.

You can look back at your life if you like at what you might term as bad judgment, or choices, or issues, but why would you. If you live in the now right this minute there is no need to go backwards there is only the need to see what a great person you are, what you have contributed to your life by being the special person inside and by noting all the good things that are all around you.

If there were mistakes along the way congratulate yourself for the fact you are truly living your life not just existing in it. Mistakes are just blips to show us another path to take if we choose to.

Let go of seeing yourself in a way that is broken, instead see yourself as whole, just right, and thriving. You should celebrate the journey you are on, the adventure it has been so far and the wonderful life experiences you have had. Only you have felt all the great feelings and have stored all your great memories, no one else has those but you.

You are a masterpiece so keep that canvas called you bright and beautiful and vibrant.

When we start seeing ourselves in a different light things around us change too. If we are not seeing fault within ourselves then life and your surroundings should brighten significantly.

It should become much easier to not find fault with others, with the work place, with the world.

Being critical of others hurts us in several ways. If we are finding fault with someone else then we are not feeling as good as we should because we are either being judgmental about them, angry with them, or hurtful towards them.

Any of those emotions just erode the feeling of happiness and joy, something that each of us wants for ourselves every day.

It is self defeating to become critical of most things in life as we don’t really have all the information on the people, places and things we so readily find fault with. Wouldn't it be so much easier and wouldn't you feel so much better if you just let go of a critical eye and embrace looking for the beauty around you?

Here are some suggestions about being critical:
  • What if we just stopped criticizing others, situations, places, life in general?
  • What if we understood that others have lives that we are not privy to and just let them be who they are while we are who we are?
  • What if by not criticizing we became kinder, more compassionate towards others.
  • What if we chose to blend with those around us seeing only their good traits?
  • What if we stopped criticizing anything and found good things to say about all areas of life?
  • What if we chose not to bring the chaos that criticism into our daily lives and decided to be more peaceful with our thoughts?
I know you can feel the power in that, in the change it would not only bring to your life but to the whole world.

If we start being more positive about every aspect of our lives, especially ourselves, then positive things will happen.


Many blessing to all.


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Using Our Words

vocabulary: all of the words known and used by a person

habit: a usual way of behaving: something a person does in a usual and repeated way

Words are thoughts spoken out loud. Have you ever wondered about how we use them and how they affect how we feel?

What if we took stock of how we were talking about certain areas of our lives, what emotion we are putting into it and how we feel when we are in the midst of the discussion.

This can refer to any area of  life whether it be your health, a relationship, family, co-workers, your job, any part of your life that becomes a conversation.

Do you find it a habit to start out complaining about the subject? Are you finding everything that is irritating or frustrating to talk about? Are you finding fault with the circumstance?

It may be hard to admit but we have made a habit of complaining first when we start a conversation instead of pointing out what is right going on around us. Then what happens is we get more angry, more frustrated and more upset with our circumstances because we have aggravated ourselves just by repeating all the negativity we are paying attention to.

What if we paid attention to the way we talk about our lives and made it a point to be the most positive we can about all areas of life.

I know some of you are rolling your eyes but believe me when you do give this some attention you will realize that when you are negative and speaking in this way you do not feel good in fact you may even find some physical discomfort because your body is telling you that it is being affected by all the negativity.

If you make the effort to talk in a more positive way about your life and what is going on in it you will find that you feel better are more energetic and lighthearted.

It doesn't take much to start looking for the positive. If you need to start small do so because once you do and the fact that there are more than you thought there were things just grow and grow because this is where your attention is.

What if:

  • You found one good thing to think about a co-worker that may be challenging for you.
  • You focused on every part of your body that felt good.
  • You loved yourself for the great person you are.
  • You put great music on in the car and just let it relax you are you are driving.
  • You started your day expecting it to be a great one.

Let's make it a habit to start each day thinking the most positive thoughts we can about our lives and what is in them and use those thoughts to express to others how life is going for us. If we smile and use a vocabulary full of positive words how great could we possibly start feeling?

Once this habit forms good things continually come forward.

Many blessing to all

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here we are celebrating Love for one day of the year. It is a very important emotion for all of us and yet we designate only one day to recognize it.

What if we chose to make it a way to start every day?
What if we were these smiling happy people all of the time?
What if we chose to be more aware of the things and people we love around us for a great feeling life?

Just a is wonderful in many different aspects of our lives .......why not make it a very strong part of who we are.

Many Blessing to All

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

It is standard for everyone to go back and look at the past year to see what they need to change about themselves. Isn't that just the silliest thing? Who says this is a rule?

The art of loving yourself should be your first resolution. It should be your priority.

Why would we want to look back at the past year and see anything wrong? We should celebrate that we lived 365 days and ready to start another 365.

Isn’t it time that we take a look at ourselves in the best light possible and we stop being critical of who we are and appreciate the great person that we have always been?

Isn’t it time for you to take stock of all the things that you did right last year, the things that went right for you and all that felt good.

Look for the happy times you shared and the love that you gave and received each month of 2014.

Look for all that you did to make your life better and the ways that you are still doing it.

Embrace all of the good qualities you have for they are far better and there are more of them than anything you might feel are negative.

Start out 2015 with the knowledge that you are a valuable part of the human race, you lend so much to all of us here and you are so worthy of all that you have and do.

Don’t change anything about yourself you don't want to. If in fact you want to improve parts of yourself whatever that may be, do it with a smile and know that you are just enhancing all that you are.

First and foremost be happy with yourself! Make your own rule about life and how you want it to live it. It makes it all so much simpler.

Many Blessing to all and may this be a year that brings you the best of everything.


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happiness Is Just A Thought Away

Happiness is always the goal of each of us everyday. We are always reaching for the happiest moments we can find or are we?

If we are to find these happy moments we must try to look for them everywhere. Even the smallest happy moment is a good one.

I would ask you if you start your morning watching the news or reading the newspaper?

Do you find if this is the case that you are taking on the troubles of the whole news oriented program or newspaper. Do you then start thinking in terms of what you have been focusing on during this program or paper and become agitated or unhappy or troubled?

What if you did not invite this programming in? What if you decided to start the day by looking around you and appreciating where you are, what you have, and who you are? What if you chose to think of all the good things that are happening in your life and be very thankful for them?

What if you started your day in the most calm and relaxed state you can have, letting the good feelings of just being flow?

If we choose to we can find all that is good in our lives and project that energy all around us. We then start looking at life in a different way and understand that our own physical space is our responsibility and we can make this space as happy as we can by appreciating what we have and what we can do by thinking in this  manner.

For instance just appreciating the sky and the nature that surround you even if it is a single tree that you see. Be thankful for your residence, your bed, your yard, your pet, your family.

If you would, take the time to find things that inspire you, that uplift you. This happens too you know, if fact more often I am sure than all of the mayhem broadcasted constantly. It is your choice what you focus on.

Just think if you were sharing the stories of good things happening in our world instead of what is wrong with it. This would lighten your spirit constantly.

When you are looking for things to be thankful for be thankful that you can feel happiness and the fact that you are changing your thoughts to seeing what is good in your life.

We all can look for the unhappy things and go on and on about them but there as many happy things in our lives if we just point them out and keep our focus on them.

It is of course a choice for us, we can choose to keep bemoaning the state of the world and everything we think is wrong with the human race or we can choose to find what is right in our lives, what we can be thankful for and we can recognize the people in our lives that make up the human race that are wonderful to be with and enjoy.

This is up to you......just how you look at life .......your own specifically.

I challenge you to stop taking on the weight of the world and to start enjoying what your life is, where you are and what you are doing.

If in fact you want to change some of these things for a happier way of life good for you, but please make the effort to see in your own physical space the beauty and joy and happiness that is all around you.

Many Blessing to All

Friday, March 21, 2014


Focus: a main purpose or interest

We are using our focus constantly all during the day.

We focus on our daily routine, whatever that might be, but are we really aware of what that focus is and how it affects us.

When we wake up in the morning we immediately start focusing on the day ahead. Thoughts pop into our heads about what we need to do, where we need to be and how we things need to get done.

 It is so natural for us to do this we don't even think about how we are using our focus. 

What if we were to become aware of how we are focusing, what we are focusing on and how we can use focus to make every day better?

Whatever your lifestyle is we all wake up thinking about what is to be done for the day. Take a minute and think about how you start your focus.

Are you anticipating any hardships for the day before you even begin?
Are you projecting the outcome of circumstances in your day before you have even arrived at your destination?
Are you thinking of a co-worker that you know is going to ruin your day?
Are you thinking about traffic?
Are you thinking about not having enough time for everything?

What decided that you would focus the first thing in the morning on feeling good in every part of yourself.....mind....body and spirit.

What if decided that you would focus on all the good things about who you are, what you do, and the things in your life that make you feel good when you bring them to mind.

What decided to treat everyone like you would like to be treated.....even if they don't act that way back.

What decided that your focus would be that the day was going to go would be easy in every way.

What if decided for the day that there would be no anger.....impatience,  or criticism of yourself or others in your daily routine.

What if you decided to look at each person you deal with as a soul who is trying to make the best of their own you don't understand......and not judge them ......but feel compassion for them.

Those are just some suggestions on how you could use your focus if you chose to. I am sure once you start thinking you could come up with many that would suit your lifestyle and how you live.

If we could make the habit of seeing the bright spots of our day.....of laughing.....of enjoying life.....making it a ritual to just be in a frame of mind that feels good.....there would be more energy .....a healthier way to feel......and we would be using our thoughts for our greater good.

 Take a moment and peruse where your focus has been. Do you feel good or not so good when you find it?

I would challenge you to find the best focus for your own well-being and when you do use it to the best of your ability.

Focusing on what is good, what feels great, and what we want in our lives helps us to bring better health to ourselves.

It is all of our goals I am sure to feel the best we can using your focus to make sure that you are tuned in to using it the wisest way that you can will find that you are better spiritually.....mentally and physically.

Many Blessings to All of You

Thursday, February 6, 2014

It Is All About Love

Love: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person


February is the month that brings celebrating love and what we feel for each other in a holiday.

Valentines are a form of communicating what we feel for those that we are close to. There are many variations of Valentines from the funny to the very sentimental.

 If you were to pick out a Valentine for yourself what would it say to you?

It should be a very special one because acknowledging love for yourself is important.

We have no problem picking them out for those we have deep feelings for, those that are special to us, so we should not have any trouble picking out what we would want to express to ourselves because we should be the most special person we know.

Love is an easy thing to give to others, but it is most important that we give it to ourselves.

So if you were to pick out a Valentine for yourself I would hope that it would be the most loving, the kindest and most supportive one that would be in the card section.

It should say:

  • You are such a caring person.

  • You are very special and unique.

  • You brighten everyone’s day.

  • You are valued for all that you do.

  • You are loved by many.

  • You contribute so much to all that know you because of your brilliant and beautiful spirit.

If you were to think of all the things that are positive and joyful about yourself and focus on those traits, you would find that loving yourself becomes easier and easier.

If you don’t take special care of yourself how can you expect it from others? If you don’t recognize the good things about who you are and acknowledge them to yourself, you are not feeling as good as you could.

Make it a point to look for your good points, as you do you, will feel better and better.

Instead of looking for happiness from others we should make ourselves as happy as we can. When your happiness comes from within, there is a powerful energy around you, and those that are important to you will be enveloped in it.

Be comfortable with who you are, be in tune with your bright and beautiful spirit. You have a kindness about you that you can enhance by just acknowledging it. You are a caring person, one who feels compassion for others, so just let these feelings be a central part of the terrific person that is you.

When you feel good about yourself the whole world will feel improved and illuminated. You will feel it and this feeling will become a basis for you to know that you are certainly on the right track of feeling good about yourself, loving who you are, and this feeling will grow for you so that feeling good is an every day occurance.

When you focus on your life moment by moment, let go of the past, and just allow yourself to feel good about who you are and where you are, you find everything just eases up, you feel centered, and with this comes a true appreciation of who you really are and how special your life is.

Let go of all of the negative things you might have held onto about yourself and know that you are important, cared about, and a central part of the Universe.

Love yourself and your life, and you will find that it becomes as happy as you allow it to be. Start today, no matter what your circumstances are so that as you change the direction of your feelings, your life can change directions too.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Many Blessing to All