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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Using Our Words

vocabulary: all of the words known and used by a person

habit: a usual way of behaving: something a person does in a usual and repeated way

Words are thoughts spoken out loud. Have you ever wondered about how we use them and how they affect how we feel?

What if we took stock of how we were talking about certain areas of our lives, what emotion we are putting into it and how we feel when we are in the midst of the discussion.

This can refer to any area of  life whether it be your health, a relationship, family, co-workers, your job, any part of your life that becomes a conversation.

Do you find it a habit to start out complaining about the subject? Are you finding everything that is irritating or frustrating to talk about? Are you finding fault with the circumstance?

It may be hard to admit but we have made a habit of complaining first when we start a conversation instead of pointing out what is right going on around us. Then what happens is we get more angry, more frustrated and more upset with our circumstances because we have aggravated ourselves just by repeating all the negativity we are paying attention to.

What if we paid attention to the way we talk about our lives and made it a point to be the most positive we can about all areas of life.

I know some of you are rolling your eyes but believe me when you do give this some attention you will realize that when you are negative and speaking in this way you do not feel good in fact you may even find some physical discomfort because your body is telling you that it is being affected by all the negativity.

If you make the effort to talk in a more positive way about your life and what is going on in it you will find that you feel better are more energetic and lighthearted.

It doesn't take much to start looking for the positive. If you need to start small do so because once you do and the fact that there are more than you thought there were things just grow and grow because this is where your attention is.

What if:

  • You found one good thing to think about a co-worker that may be challenging for you.
  • You focused on every part of your body that felt good.
  • You loved yourself for the great person you are.
  • You put great music on in the car and just let it relax you are you are driving.
  • You started your day expecting it to be a great one.

Let's make it a habit to start each day thinking the most positive thoughts we can about our lives and what is in them and use those thoughts to express to others how life is going for us. If we smile and use a vocabulary full of positive words how great could we possibly start feeling?

Once this habit forms good things continually come forward.

Many blessing to all

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