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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Criticism     Make it a thing of the past

Criticism: the act of expressing disapproval and of noting problems or faults of a person or thing; the act of criticizing someone or something.

Why is it do you suppose that we beautiful spirits choose to find fault with so many things in our lives including ourselves?

Has it become such a habit that it is ingrained in us to be negative right away when we look at people, places and things?

What if we choose to change that about ourselves so we then begin to see life in a better light?

How about that thing called self criticism. This should be the first and foremost critical habit to break for everyone.

There is only one you, that makes you very special and unique. How can you possibly criticize something that is so exceptional?

If there was an individual which was one of a kind left in the world we would treasure it and do all we could to make sure it was taken care of. It would be sheltered, kept safe and nurtured no matter what it was. Anthropologists do this all the time when they find something from the past to treasure.

Big news flash here people think about it no one else has your exact DNA your fingerprints or your personality. Wow amazing isn't it. That in itself should bring some serious self care forward.

So if we are to get rid of self criticism we must look for the best in ourselves. You have so many great qualities start with those, point them out to yourself and feel good about who you are.

Love how you look, how you laugh, how you are on a daily basis. We each have the distinct right to be who we are and we don’t have to please anyone else but ourselves. Be proud of who you are, you have earned wherever you are in life.

You can look back at your life if you like at what you might term as bad judgment, or choices, or issues, but why would you. If you live in the now right this minute there is no need to go backwards there is only the need to see what a great person you are, what you have contributed to your life by being the special person inside and by noting all the good things that are all around you.

If there were mistakes along the way congratulate yourself for the fact you are truly living your life not just existing in it. Mistakes are just blips to show us another path to take if we choose to.

Let go of seeing yourself in a way that is broken, instead see yourself as whole, just right, and thriving. You should celebrate the journey you are on, the adventure it has been so far and the wonderful life experiences you have had. Only you have felt all the great feelings and have stored all your great memories, no one else has those but you.

You are a masterpiece so keep that canvas called you bright and beautiful and vibrant.

When we start seeing ourselves in a different light things around us change too. If we are not seeing fault within ourselves then life and your surroundings should brighten significantly.

It should become much easier to not find fault with others, with the work place, with the world.

Being critical of others hurts us in several ways. If we are finding fault with someone else then we are not feeling as good as we should because we are either being judgmental about them, angry with them, or hurtful towards them.

Any of those emotions just erode the feeling of happiness and joy, something that each of us wants for ourselves every day.

It is self defeating to become critical of most things in life as we don’t really have all the information on the people, places and things we so readily find fault with. Wouldn't it be so much easier and wouldn't you feel so much better if you just let go of a critical eye and embrace looking for the beauty around you?

Here are some suggestions about being critical:
  • What if we just stopped criticizing others, situations, places, life in general?
  • What if we understood that others have lives that we are not privy to and just let them be who they are while we are who we are?
  • What if by not criticizing we became kinder, more compassionate towards others.
  • What if we chose to blend with those around us seeing only their good traits?
  • What if we stopped criticizing anything and found good things to say about all areas of life?
  • What if we chose not to bring the chaos that criticism into our daily lives and decided to be more peaceful with our thoughts?
I know you can feel the power in that, in the change it would not only bring to your life but to the whole world.

If we start being more positive about every aspect of our lives, especially ourselves, then positive things will happen.


Many blessing to all.


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