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Friday, May 1, 2015


This is a part of the thought process we can pay attention to and when we do we may just with a little effort begin to see where it makes a difference in the way we feel.

Here are a few things you might review to see if they resonate with you:

  • What is my focus when I wake up?
  • What is my focus when I am getting to where I am going?
  • What is my focus when I am working, relaxing, or just doing?
  • What is my focus before I go to sleep at night?

When you start your day where do you find your focus? Do you find it stressing over the day to come, thinking about being overwhelmed, worrying about what is to get done and will you?

  • What if you focused on just breathing easily and feeling calm?
  • What if you did not turn on any news read any news or look for anything that might be chaotic?
  • What if your focus when you started your day was on what a unique and amazing person you are with so many abilities it would be very hard not to have a great day?
  • What if you just focused on having on the day being exactly what you want it to be?

When you are getting from point A to point B during your day where do you find your focus? Are you always in a hurry and impatient with everyone around you? Do you find your focus is not a happy one?

  • What if you just put on your favorite music and really just let it flow and relax you?
  • What if you made the effort to focus on something in your life that helps you feel good. Whatever it is would be your own for this is after all just about you, so that you find your thoughts in a much better place.

When you are going about your day what is your focus? Is it the best you can have or maybe not so much?

  • What if you made it a point to focus on things around you that lifted you spirits? Whatever does that for you is exactly right. I love nature so that is where I focus many times a day.
  • What if you focus on the things that have gone right so far during your day and are very appreciative of all of them?

When you are dealing with others during your day how do you use your focus? Is it in positive or negative way?

  • What if you used more kindness when working with others, more understanding and patience?  This could be with co-workers or a clerk in a store it doesn't make a difference because it helps when you use your focus with others in the positive all day.
  • What if your focus was to see others in their best possible light?

When you are ready to retire for the night where is your focus?  Is it on all the negative things that happened during your day or all the positive things?

  • What if you just relaxed and let your mind go over everything that went right for you all day.
  • What if you thought about the people who made your day a good one?
  • What if you just let go of everything but a smile and good feeling about who you are and your ability to focus on whatever you choose to?

As you can see you are in charge here, it is your focus and what you do with it, how you use it is completely up to you.

I would say this to you however; why not feel the best that you can by using your focus for your greater good.

Many Blessing to All

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