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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sense of Self

Do you take the time to just find a quiet place and tune into your sense of self? Do you take the time to actually feel who you are and reach the beautiful spirit that makes you sparkle and shine?

Why wouldn’t we want to be in touch with all that we are? It gives us such a boost and a feeling of control if we practice just being.

Most of the time we are involved with thinking and worrying and projecting. This makes life about problems……. the past……and what is going to happen in the future. If we are to live life to the fullest we must let go of this thought process and adapt ourselves to being in the here and now.

When we let negative thoughts take over and control our life then we are not taking care of ourselves the way we should. Negativity is so easy to fall into yet so destructive to our well-being.

What if we grounded ourselves daily with being in the moment…….clearing our mind……..feeling the beauty of self and the force within.

Here are the steps you can take to achieve this sense of self:
  • Find a place you have complete quiet for a few moments.
  • Sit and breathe deeply in and out slowly focusing on each breath in and out.
  • Your mind will clear as you focus on your breathing and this is what you want to happen.
  • Clearing your mind and sitting breathing in and out you are most certainly in the moment.
  • Feel how free you are in mind and body.
  • Feel in the very center of you the divine feeling of your spirit.
  • Pay attention to this feeling as it is your sense of self and who you are.
  • Feel the beauty of self and feel your energy within.
  • Keep your focus on your beautiful energetic spirit for as long as you want to.
  • Breathing in and out and feeling your power you are in the moment without any other thoughts to distract you.

Isn’t it an amazing feeling to be in the moment and not allow any thoughts to intrude on your spirit so that you can feel the power of who you are.

Do this for at least 10 minutes or longer if you wish to. Being centered and feeling so connected is important because then you can be in control of thoughts you wish to have and let go of those you do not.

Why not make a habit of this during the day? You have started the day with a quiet spot and your focus within why not when thoughts tend to overtake you revert right back to that place of being in the moment and not allowing anything to take away the peaceful and joyful way it makes you feel. 

You don’t have to stop and go somewhere quiet as you do when you start the day……..just say to yourself these thoughts are not what I want for myself and take yourself within to your sense of self.

Enjoy your surroundings without any negative thoughts about it ……..just enjoy the beauty you see.

Living life does not mean being you have to be in turmoil……….it means to truly live in the moment and if those moments are those of your choosing by not allowing negative thoughts overtake you life becomes so much more satisfying…… will change your well-being for the better when you choose to focus on your sense of self and your beautiful spirit.

Many Blessings to All

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Inner Strength

“It's essential you create a fiery will from within--harness that power of decisiveness--and choose to be your strongest self.” ― Karen Salmansohn

Each one of us has an inner strength.......sometimes we discount it because we allow worry and fear to become a larger factor at times and it seems that negativity is the only situation we find ourselves in. 

Believe me when I tell you that when you are focused on all that is wrong you feel weak and helpless. You are not looking for any positive outcomes but are zeroing in on all that is not right in your life. It is a snowball effect because then you incorporate everything negative about your what is going on with you and your life.

Inner strength is the ability to see what is see a direction to take or an outcome to take advantage of.

So many times you don't give yourself credit for inner discount how many times you have used it........  if you only take a look at your life and remember the times when you took charge worked it all out with a sense of control you will find that more times than not you did have the inner strength to do it.

We all have the that says I can and one that says I can't.......the one that says I can has more power because it feels right feels is the direction to take because when you have this feeling your inner strength is at work. Don't allow the negativity of I can't become a part of who you are because you are so much more than that.

Focus on the times you have worked things out.......made things happen......showed have used your inner strength for your greater good many times.

Your inner strength along with a positive outlook brings you solutions if you open your mind. Using both of these will become a habit which empowers you to go through life in a decisive way.

Here are some affirmations that will help you when you need them:

  • "My inner strength is part of who I am and is always there for me to use."
  • "I can be strong and desisive when I need to be."
  • "My inner strength has served me well in my lifetime."
  • "I don't have to be fearful because I have inner strength to help my solve issues."

Love yourself........rely on yourself........know you are in charge of your life. Remember what happens in your life is challenging and an adventure and you can make it the most positive of experiences when you use the world "I can!". 

Many Blessing to All

Saturday, February 10, 2018

To Be Complete

Just think about this for a moment.........

If you don't love yourself how can you expect someone else to do it for you?

Here are some reason's why we feel we need someone in our lives:

  • To be complete.
  • To not be alone.
  • To fit in with society.
  • To fill a void.
  • To be needed.

These are just a few reasons we have been using over many generations some have been taught and some we have added on our own.

Well here is a big news flash for everyone!

You are already complete........see yourself this way........don't see a fractured person but a beautiful spirit that shines brightly. You are a wonderful person with many qualities that make you unique and special. Don't let your life become complicated by thinking that you need someone to make you a whole already are so love who you are without reservation or criticism. 

Love your own being on your own doing things that make you feel good. If you love who you are first then you know the feeling and can share love with another......if you fill your life by doing things that bring you joy you find that being on your own is not only uplifting but peaceful.

Don't let anyone mold you into being something or someone you are are special and when you acknowledge this and you recognize your own qualities then you are being true to yourself and this should be first and foremost.......don't live a life that belongs to someone the one that is right for  you.......don't let society dictate your life.

You must be happy within that beautiful spirit of yours.........there is never a void when you fill your life with the things you like to do and surround yourself with people who you enjoy........fill your life with the things that make you happy so you don't have a void.......make a note of things that you enjoy doing and do them.........this is a choice you must make for yourself..... when you do you will find life becomes richer and more fulfilling.

The first need you must meet is to take care of yourself first.......what do you want for cannot and should not make anyone your first priority but you and know true happiness........this sounds selfish but it isn't really........if you are not happy how can anyone around you be happy.......if you are not fulfilled with the things  you want for yourself then joy escapes you. It is not your job to make the world happy is your job to make yourself happy for your greater good.

In this life we have a standard that we must belong in a way that others dictate.......don't believe only have to make yourself happy and do the things that bring you joy in all areas of your life........being a partner or a couple is not yourself enough to be in your own company and not be lonely.

Just picture if you will the world full of people who are not trying to please others........who are making their own lives their priority........who feel blessed and happy with who they are and what they have and what they are doing.........what freedom we would feel each one of us if we only let go of needing someone to make us complete and depended only on liking and loving who we are.

Two ways to look at life:

I love you because I need you.
I need you because I love you.

Be someone who loves themselves first..........who is independent and uses their thoughts in the most positive will attract someone with the same ideas that will compliment you in so many areas of your life.

Many Blessings to All

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Sense of Self

"What I am looking for is not out there - it is in me." ― Helen Keller

This is a New Year and with it always comes resolutions ………things you feel you need to change to be better.

Why is it we are always looking at the outside of ourselves?

Why do we think that everything has to do with what we look like……. what we have…….where we live……what we do for a living……..all the trappings of life that we beat ourselves up about because we feel we are not up to what should be?

What if we freed ourselves from the habit of these ideas?

What if we decided to let go of anything we have been taught about being and doing and having and made up our own way of doing things?

What if we decided that this was the year to be who we are and do what feels right just for us?

What if we decided not to fit in to a pattern that is made for everyone when we are all so different with different ideas and thoughts?

Be true to yourself always and in this New Year become the person that is happy from the inside……. love who you are and what you think because this is how life becomes the way you wish it to be.

Here are some tips on how you can achieve a great sense of self:

  • Feel your way…….in other words if it doesn’t feel right to you no matter what others say do what does feel right.
  • Don’t say yes when you really don’t want to………. use the word no more often………you will free yourself so much doing this.
  • Put yourself first……..sometimes you may think this is difficult but when you do you will find that life lightens up and you then are ready to do what you need to but at your own pace and in your own time…….the stress of trying to please others constantly does not serve your well-being in the least.
  • Accept who you are……..there is no one else like you………flaws and strengths………love and laughter…….all the things that make up you………don’t wish your life away trying to measure up to anyone else…… are special and you need to acknowledge this constantly…….don’t expect or need it from anyone else but yourself.
  • Live in the moment and make your moments count…… have accomplished so much in your life so far ……….focus on those things and expect more and more as you follow your your own cheerleader.
  • Be comfortable in your own skin.......don't try to duplicate someone else's life.......make your own comfortable style and environment to accomodate all that you are.

All of this comes from the inside………all of this comes from a wonderful sense of self………if you are doing this already good for you……..keep it up and make it stronger than ever………if you are not…….start with this new year to form a wonderful sense of self…….from the inside ………..this is where your power lies and can be used every single day if you choose to do it.

Rely on yourself for your own happiness………..don’t fit into a mold someone else thinks you should…… an individual with great expectations for an adventure that will blossom with every positive thought you can use.

Here is an affirmation to use: “I love who I am and the adventure that is waiting for me.”

May your New Year be all you want it to be and more!

Many Blessings to All

Sunday, September 3, 2017

  • What is Your Big Picture?

 Have you ever considered that you are the one who has the control over your own big picture? 

Have you ever thought about excluding everyone but yourself from that picture so you can begin to create it the way you would like it to be without any outside interference?

The fact that this is your journey and you are making your way the very best you know how…….why not begin a strategy that brings you what you have in mind for your life.

If you were to close your eyes and bring an image of what would make your life happy what would it be? 

Always remember it is you who must be happy…….no one else can do this for you……happiness starts within ones person ......or thing can do this for you .....your bright and beautiful spirit must be happy first.

There are many scenarios that you may have that you feel bring happiness:
  • Money
  • Home
  • Relationships
  • Health

These are quite common for everyone but what about a deeper more satisfying feeling about life? 

What about peace and harmony and joy? 

What about grounding ourselves by really appreciating what we do have plus who and what we are?

What if your images that you brought up to create a big picture were those of laughter and joy……..of things that would make your heart happy.

What if you took mental snapshots of your life in all the positive ways you are living and doing things right at the present moment?
What if you appreciated the funds you do have coming to you at the present time and picture them growing larger?

What if you enjoyed everything about the home you have now and focus on all of its attributes while envisioning whereelse you might like to reside.

What if you were thankful about the health you do have at this moment…….for every part of your body that feels good……using your focus to help your body be in the best of health.

Sometimes we get so far ahead of ourselves in what we want in life that we fail to address the fact that we already have so much in material goods and even more importantly daily doses of love.

Sometimes we are so busy looking forward that we don’t live in the moment and those moments then get away from us to enjoy.

This is the time to stop and understand that your big picture is now……it is how you are thinking and feeling and what you do with each moment. These moments are your life.

Remember you are making memories to have along your journey and the most fulfilling are those based on love and joy.

Why not just be……..why not just breathe and be focused on each day ………….why not just clear your mind and then look for the beauty around and within you?

If you are so busy with looking at others……. listening to others…….reacting to others…….then your big picture is not yours is it?

The picture you are creating and the images you bring up in your mind should be of you and no one else……this is how you make the big picture just like you want it to be.

Here are some things you can incorporate when envisioning a big picture:
  • Being yourself.
  • Having your own opinion.
  • Doing what makes you happy.
  • Seeing yourself in the most positive way.
  • Always seeing the best things happening for you.
When you incorporate these things into your big picture you cannot help but find the peace and joy that is truly yours every day…… start to notice that life is really quite good after all.

Isn’t this everyone’s main goal in life?

Let go of the thought of lacking anything and embrace the thought that there is already so much you do have……..and even more that you can by acknowledging abundance.

Gratitude creates the most beautiful picture of all.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Letting Go of Drama

Drama: any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting or striking interest or results.

We have so much drama in the world today......sometimes in our family.....sometimes in your relationships......sometimes in our workplace.....there is some kind of drama somewhere around us.

It seems that people love drama and love to incite reactions as much as they can.

I would like to say that when you are involved in any dramatic event .....someone who has issues that bring you on board.......someone who is angry continually and vents so you tune in.......someone who brings constant negativity around that are completely out of your control......this is the time to step back and take issue with what you are allowing into your personal space.

These aspects of life the questions begs to be asked: How did I get here and why do I want to participate?

Living someone else's drama is a choice and one that you must look at in terms of how it is affecting your own life.

  • If you are allowing yourself to be caught up in someone else's story what is happening to yours?
  • If you are using your focus on someone else's problems big or small how are you taking care of your own well-being?
  • If you are using all of your energy to try and figure out solutions for other's issues what is becoming of your own journey?
  • If you let your emotions ride someone else's roller coaster where does that leave you emotionally?

The best thing you can do for yourself so that you are on a positive and peaceful path is to choose not to participate in anyone else's drama.

Here are some things that you can choose to not participate in:
Arguments of any kind.
Sad stories told over and over again.
Anything that has to do with the state of the
The ups and downs of someone else's relationship.

I am sure you have your own experiences which came to mind to add to this list so you know the issues you can choose not to participate in.

Drama is a stress attractor and since this is what you are trying to avoid in life the choice is not to be a part of an on-going drama.

If you are being overly dramatic about something or someone take stock of the situation and ask yourself what you are so emotional about regarding the situation.

  • Could you calm down and see it in a different way.
  • Can you just let go.
  • Can you take it less personally.

Think about not being in a dramatic frame of mind because you can see life so much more clearly when you are not.

I know that reading this several scenarios popped into your mind.......yep......those are the ones you need to let go of and not allow into your day to day thoughts.......those are the ones that are a negative factor and need to be changed so that your life can be as you want it to be without anything holding you back from being as happy as you want to be.

If you wanted to be an actor or actress you would have moved to Hollywood......make sure that the drama in your life is minimal and you choose not to join in the lives of anyone or anything who brings this stressful action around you.

Many Blessings to All

Friday, June 9, 2017

Clearing Your Mind

Do you start your day with a head full of thoughts that have you scrambling around .......worrying about what is going to happen in the day.......what you may have to deal with in your personal and professional life.......making it so you are already stressed or upset?

I would ask you how you could expect the day to be calm and easy.....for things to flow...... if you are already on tilt.....if you have projected problems and scenarios that haven't happened yet but have you uptight and imaging all sorts of things that could go wrong?

Just think of yourself projecting a movie on a screen with your thoughts......what kind of day are you it one you want to experience........what would the movie look like if you were to show it just as you are seeing and feeling it in your mind right then?

Remember this is your personal space......the place where you want calm and peace and joy......the place that you actually make it the way it is by the how you think and feel....if you begin your day waking and already projecting the worst case scenario (which is a habit by the way) defeat what you truly want for yourself in your life.

So here is how you can bring ease into the yourself .......and start your day with the best feeling.

When you wake up clear your mind.......completely clear it of everything.......whether you are lying in bed or sitting in a chair.......take a deep breath and let it out.......take another one and hold it and when you let it out slowly feel yourself relax can also feel the way your body and mind respond.

Just pay attention to your and out and nothing else.

Take several breaths and you will feel yourself completely relaxing.......your mind completely clear.......and you will recognize the feeling of total focus on is so liberating to just be.

When you are relaxed and are breathing in a rhythm of in and out imagine words in your thoughts:


Add your own that feel good to you.......if you have one word that makes you feel the best just use it over and over breathing in and out and using the word.

It is all of  these positive things you want in your day.......expect them.......remember you are in control of thoughts and feelings so use only the ones that help you to feel great.

You can also use this exercise during the day when you may be feeling overwhelmed......just stop pay attention to your breathing and clear you mind........then use your words to uplift and help you to feel your well-being restored.

This is your journey have the ability to clear your mind and go forward anytime you want to feel calm and it and you will find that things just ease up and your frame of mind will be amazing.

There is harmony in life with who you are and how you want to feel........use your powerful ability to clear your mind and be in a place where you know all is well because you can feel it.

Many Blessing to All

Monday, May 1, 2017

What are you embracing?

Embrace: to take up especially readily or gladly

In our times it is really important what we are whole heartily putting into our lives. It is paramount that we are very selective about what we let into our personal space that affects our ability to feel the best we can.

When we allow outside influences into our everyday living we must be sure that they are serving our greater good.

There is so much going on in the world and everywhere around us right now it is best to choose the things that uplift us and help us to find a peace and a calm in our thoughts.

We can do this by eliminating so much of the information that we are receiving about the state of affairs everywhere.

  • What if you chose to not be in tune with day to day accounts of world news?
  • What if you chose to read only uplifting articles on the Internet?
  • What if you made music one of the staples in your daily life?
  • What if you tuned into things that make you laugh daily?

We can embrace so many things and they are all by choice........we can say to ourselves how do I want to feel........what would I like my outlook to be.......where can I look for things that uplift and challenge me to an open mind and a light heart.

There are so many options today in our digital world........find things that help your spirit soar and let those that do not see life as beautiful......that do not have hope for the future......that display who they are with your choice of not embracing their energy......of not expanding anything that does not feel good.

Let us embrace hope......let us have faith in our ability to bring our own joy to the fullest it can be......let us realize that our own personal space is what we choose to make it. Let your space be a place that is full of positive energy so that the negativity others have does not affect you.

Just think for a moment......if each person on the planet was in charge of their own space and made it as joyful and happy as possible what kind of world would we have.......what if the majority of the planet did this........there would be a major shift for the better.......just be responsible for yours so there is a movement to change any negative energy to positive.

Here are some affirmations for you:

"I choose to bring into my space things that help me to feel good about life."
"There is good in the world and in people and I choose to look for it."
"Life is beautiful and mine is wonderful each and every day."
"I choose to focus on all things positive about life."

Embrace the beauty and the love of life that surrounds you.......embrace all that you are and allow yourself to choose a pattern in your life that tunes out anyone or anything that disrupts your peace and tranquility.

Many Blessings to All